Friday, November 26, 2010

Our November (and a LOT of photos)

I figured that I would just do one big post about what we did in November.  On the ninth we celebrated Calvin's 10th birthday.  It was on Tuesday, which was his scout night, they were retiring a whole bunch of American flags so we all went to that with him, then came home for some cake and presents.  He had a good birthday!  At school, I didn't even think about bringing cupcakes or something for his class and he didn't want me to anyway.  What can I say, he's in the 4th grade.  I guess he's too old for that?!  :(  Here are some pictures of his big day!

 Bunny ears never die.

 Abby is even doing bunny ears on the cake.
 Elsa really wanted to get the little hamster for Calvin.  When she was picking it out I asked her if Calvin would like it or if she would.  She insisted that he would.  Well, he hasn't played with it yet....she has.
 He LOVES Hero Factory!
 He also loves his Didj...I like it too because he has fun with it and it teaches him math, science, spelling, etc. I love Leapfrog.

 He really wanted this game....and it just so happened to be on clearance. 

 This was Grandma and Papa's gift.  He loved his new white shirt! 
 .....and his joke books.  Thanks Grandma and Papa!

 He also loved his gift card from Aunt Lisa and ALL the Hero Factory sets he got from his aunts, uncle and cousin, James.
 He got one double of the Hero Factory, so he took it back and got store credit and combined it with the gift card and bought a Nerf gun Wii game that was on sale online.  He loves it! I do too because there are NO darts to pick up off the floor.  Yeah!
 He also got new Skechers!
 And a new book.  Clint and the boys were out "window shopping" one day.  They went to Deseret Book.  As soon as Calvin walked in the door, he saw this book, "The Fourth Nephite" and sat down and started to read it.  After only a few minutes, Clint was ready to go, he went over to get Calvin, only to find him 10 pages into this book.  Clint asked if he liked the book, Calvin said yes.  So Clint bought it for his birthday.  Calvin continued to read it on the way home and every chance he got until he finished it Sunday,the next day.  Calvin LOVES to read! 
Here he is with his cake!
Then, a week later, was Clint's birthday.  Grandma and Papa came down.  Papa did a seminar and consultations the rest of the time and Grandma came to assist him.  When they weren't doing that they came to our house to visit.  They took us all out to "Olive Garden" for Clint's birthday.  Actually, that was the day before his birthday, because they had the seminar on his birthday.  So on his birthday, we just had a nice, quiet evening of eating trifle (he doesn't care for cake), and opening gifts.  I think he had a nice birthday. 
 I didn't have a number 6, so I got creative.  He's 35 + 1.  :) 
The cake topper was Elsa's idea.  She thought he needed a tool cake.

 I got him a mouse pad with a calculator, because we can never seem to keep track of our calculators and he's always needing one.  So maybe this will help.
 I also got this Atari Flashback for him.  It's a lot of fun! 

 This was from his sisters, brother-in-law, and nephew, James from San Antonio. 
 He loves his new Tony Hawk shirt.
 This is from his sister in Indiana.  Thanks everyone!

Then he got a card and money from my parents.  Thanks!
Then, next, we had a special family home evening before Thanksgiving.  We did our thankful tree.
This year it was a little better.  I made it out of felt and my mom cut leaves out of fall colored fabric.
It turned out rather cute.  These kids are thankful for a lot this year!
Then, last but certainly not least, was our Thanksgiving.  We stayed home this year and cooked.
We had a lot of great food and just enjoyed one other.
Here is Elsa's "turkey" hair style.  As soon as I called it that she wanted it out. 
I think it's cute!  She just wanted 2 pony tails.

 Anxious to eat!

 ....or maybe she just likes the camera

 Playing the Wii and getting ready for "Black Friday".
 Elsa saw something she liked
 She loves her brother.....Abby still loves the camera. She sure is cute isn't she?

 Calvin always tries to dodge the camera, but I got him this time.

 We had a great Thanksgiving and hope you all did too!