Thursday, February 05, 2009

Is Elsa really 6?

Yes. It's true! Elsa just turned 6 years old on Sunday. We just celebrated with our family this year and I don't think Elsa missed having a "friends" party at all. She had a good day. We went to church, she got sung to in Primary and got to pick out a ring from the primary presidency. Then, when we got home, we ate dinner, then she opened her gifts (from her Grandma and Papa, Aunts and Uncle and cousin from San Antonio, and her Aunt in Indiana, and, of course from her Mom and Dad) and then blew out her candles and ate cake. What more could a girl want, huh? She had a good day. Here are the pictures to prove it. Thanks Mom and Dad for the Littlest petshop planner.
I love it! Elsa was happy to get this outfit and game from
Aunt Lisa Thanks Grandma and Papa, for the new room for my doll house. Thanks Aunt Stephi, Danielle, Tracy, Uncle Anthony, and James for my cool mp3 player.
I love it and so do my brothers, even though it's pink.Isn't it funny how kids love new toys no matter whose they are?
Case in point belowCalvin is such a good brother to play "Pretty, Pretty Princess"
with the girls