Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Writings of Kids

 Here is a story written be Calvin called, "Video Game Crisis".  Can you guess what that one's about? It's pretty good.
This is Abby's picture and book report.
This one I just liked.  I had it on my frig. for awhile and took a picture, then cleaned it off.
I think Elsa did it.
This one was done by Abby.  She's thankful for "finds" (Friends), "food", and "family" and "shelter".
The next two are Abby's from the beginning of 1st grade.  Let me just say that she spells a whole lot better.
I think it's cute and want to remember it.
(Go to a picnic) 
(I go to McDonald's)  as if you needed me to tell you that, you probably could've figured it out by the golden arches.  Ha!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Dallin's a Teenager!

 Does he look like a Teen?
13 things we love about you, Dallin:  
1.  Your sense of humor.
2.  You take your Priesthood responsibilities seriously.
3.  You're a great babysitter.
4.  You like to go camping.
5.  You are capable of learning.
6.  You brush your teeth.(Now brush your hair).
7.  You actually listen to us.(sometimes)
8.  You love to participate in Scouting.
9.  You are a good big brother.
10.  You set an example.
11.  You don't snore.
12.  You work hard in school.
13.  You're still shorter than both your parents.
 He loves his new watch!
 He wanted either a skateboard or a Zelda Wii game.  We opted for the toy to get him outside and some exercise.  He was very happy!
He is good.  This was one of his first ollies.
He wanted a 4 layer black out cake and it was delicious...a little rich, but yummy!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Calvin Crosses over..........finally

 This is Calvin with his Webelos scout leader. 
 Calvin finally crossed over from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts.  He turned 11 in November and he had his cross over in March.  He really wanted a cross over so he got one.  Of course we gave him one, it was what he worked so hard for, right?   We didn't want to deprive him of something he earned.  Good Job Calvin and best of luck in Boy Scouts!
Here he is with his new 11 year old scout leaders.  We recently had a Court of Honor for the Boy Scouts where both Dallin and Calvin got awards.  Calvin is ranked a Scout and Dallin is 1st class.  But I'll save that for another post coming soon.  Calvin is really enjoying his time as an 11 yr. old scout.  That night, in fact, they roller bladed, working on the inline skating merit badge.  He's still working on it, since before that night he had never been on skates...ever.  He's getting quite good.  Maybe I take pictures and post them sometime. 
This is one proud kid! 

Where do I start?

Well, I'm behind yet again.  So I'll start by telling about when Abby's 1st grade class teamed up with another 1st grade class and performed at the flag ceremony at her school.  They sang a song about Spring and as you can see from the picture, she was a cute little daisy.  Enjoy the video.  She was in the back so you can't see her, well you can kind of see her flower petals.
 Anyway, then that night was the school's spring carnival to kick off Spring Break. 
 Here's Elsa trying her luck with Plinko.
 Here's Abby tossing the t.p. in the toilet.  Sounds weird I know, but the kids love it.
 Here's Abby again trying to catapult a "snake in the boot".  The theme of the carnival was a cowboy theme.
 I don't know who this guy is, but he gave us a good laugh. :)
"Crazy ol' Calvin...he's always good for a laugh." haha!
 Here's Abby with her winnings or at least some of them.
...and Elsa with hers.
 Then, here are the boys and their friends having a nerf gun war. 
On a different day.
Here is Dallin as Iron Man.  Proof that you're never too old to dress up.  :)
Looks like he got shot....1...2...3 times.  ooooo! Sorry Dal!  :)
Look out behind comes Calvin!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Quick update

This is a quick update of our happenings since the last post.  We went to the Shelby Mustang museum. 
Dallin only WISHES this was his car.
 Clint and Abby looking at the cars
 Calvin taking pictures with his dsi
Walking through the museum
 Oooh, look at those muscles!   :)
Oooh, look at those muscles!
 Dallin liked this one too!
I had to hold Abby still so I could get a good (not blurry) picture.
 During Spring Break and Presidents day, 
we went to Springs Preserve to check out the new Space Exhibit.
Calvin taking a picture of himself in inferred.
 Calvin was playing some sort of game.  I think he was creating
his "Space on Earth".
Elsa weighed 30 lbs. on Mars.
 Elsa loved trying the bed in the space shuttle out.
Dallin and Calvin loved doing the Space bike.
 Abby loved creating her habitat on Mars.
 The kids in inferred!
The kids in real life....acting silly!
 Of course, they ALL loved climbing on the playground.

 The girls loved being sloths. Hehehe!
Then, they always love the giant ball!
 They also like to find the animals that come out at night.
 Then on the way out, we stopped by the animals made out of junk.