Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Walkin' in a winter wonderland.....

Well, it happened! It snowed in Las Vegas. I've always wanted a white Christmas and I got use to the fact that I would never see one as long as I was living here. Well, never say never, right? The kids had fun throwing snowballs at each other. They wanted to build a snowman, but it only snowed about 1 or 2 inches. It was beautiful and cold. Abby was so excited that I found her outside with a coat, capri's, and NO socks, but one of Elsa's crocs on one foot and one of Calvin's boots on the other. She was having the time of her life, until "mean ol' Mom" took her inside to get warmer clothes on. After they had their fill of all the white stuff, they came in for some hot chocolate. It snowed about 8 inches in Henderson. It was amazing because it had been so hot for so long.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Achieving goals feel so good!

If you remember a few posts ago, Dallin set a goal to have his bear by the time Calvin turned 8 and came into cubs. Well, the Saturday before Calvin's 8th birthday Dallin finished his last couple things. Tonight he received his bear badge and Calvin received his bobcat badge. We're so proud of our cub scouts.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Winter program at Brookman Elementary

Tonight we attended the Winter Program at the kids school. Dallin was in the Honor Choir, as some of you know, and he did really well. I thought the choir sounded really great for a bunch of 4th and 5th graders. Not only did he sound great, but he looked sharp too. Take a look for yourself. Isn't he so handsome?

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Calvin's special day

This weekend was special for Calvin. He got baptized! Grandma and Papa came from Sparks and Aunt Steph came from San Antonio right after she went to Reno to see Uncle Jacob receive his Masters degree. It was a busy day for her, but we were so grateful that she and Grandma and Papa came. The baptism program started with me giving a talk on baptism which was about 2 minutes but too long for the two boys getting baptized. (Limited attention spans) then the other boys mother sang a beautiful medley of "Baptism/The Still Small voice", then the stake primary 2nd counselor, Sis. Drew spoke about the Holy Ghost. Then Calvin was baptized and while he and Clint were getting dried off and changed, we all went to the relief society room to wait for Calvin to get the Holy Ghost. After that we all went back to our home and ate dinner and Calvin opened his cards and presents, and then we just visited with each other.Scriptures with his name on themA card and boodmark from Aunt LisaDallin watching Calvin open his gifts
Do you like his socks?The rest of the pictures Abby took

Friday, December 05, 2008

We give thanks

Well this year for Thanksgiving, we stayed home. It was kind of nice to just celebrate with just us. On Monday, before Thanksgiving, we did our Thanksgiving tree, and put what we were thankful for on the leaves.
Abby is thankful for food,birthdays, cupcakes, and Jesus.
Elsa is thankful for trees, & family.
Calvin is thankful for technology (interpretation; video games), & clothes.
Dallin is thankful for knowledge, scriptures, and food.
Mom is thankful for her children, the Gospel, and Family
Dad is thankful for Family

Our Thankgiving was grrreat! I think we all had our fill of turkey and pie! (and other stuff)
Then, the day after Thankgiving, do you think we took advantage of "black friday"? Noooo, we went camping! It was quite a fun experience. Until we were getting ready to go. Saturday morning the battery in the car was dead as a doornail. Well, we packed up and went hiking, then Clint hiked to find someone to give us a jump. He ended up finding a nice man whose son-in-law was Clint's scout leader when he was younger. They had a good talk, and charged our battery up and we went home. We all slept really well that night. Enjoy the pictures! I am going to put more on later.
Then, on Sunday, we went to church and had a good day. Then, later that night, Micah and Camille paid us a visit. It was so nice to sit down a chat with them. The girls loved their visit too. Camille read to them ALL the books they brought to her, and at one moment I thought that Elsa was going to talk to her, but nope. They also loved to collect "chuckle eggs" from Uncle Micah.
Anyway, then on Monday night they came over with little Johnny Covey and had pie and idiot's delight. We had so much fun and they're welcome anytime, along with anyone else who wants to come over. I just like this picture. Elsa got a hold of the camera and took it.Here's Uncle Micah giving Elsa a noogie. I think.
That's what it looks like, but maybe he was just looking for chuckle eggs.
Elsa loved it!