Thursday, November 27, 2008

Flash back

I was looking at some of our older videos of the kids. When I saw this one I could not believe how little our boys once were. It just goes to show how fast they grow up, so whoever reads this, enjoy them while they are young. The whole time while I was watching this I kept thinking "I wish I could go back and give them a great big squeeze". This was of our little family party on Dallin's 6th birthday. I love the part when he reads that Uncle Jordan signed the card. Here it is......enjoy!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Oh, what a glorious day!

Today, we woke up, the boys and Clint got ready and went to do Scouting for food. While they were gone, I put a movie on for the girls (after they made their beds, and cleaned their room of course), then I swept and mop the floors and cleaned the kitchen. I felt pretty good, like I accomplished a lot. Just to get the girls to make their beds is a feat in and of itself. :) Well, then Clint and the boys came home and asked if we wanted to go hiking with them. A million things that I needed to do ran though my mind. I struggled to give the answer, "No, I better not." Then, after hearing how much all the kids wanted to go, I thought, "Oh well, these things can wait." Hiking sounded more fun anyway, of course. So, we went to the mountain by our house. The actual spot we hike was called Anniversary Narrows. They were so neat and the kids did awesome. Elsa didn't complain once about having to walk or how tired she was. Abby on the other hand, did not want to walk except if we were climbing the mountain side or something. If we were just walking on a straight path, she got tired of it real fast and wanted me and only me to carry her. My back and arms will probably be sore in the morning. Dallin and Calvin did really well too and loved every minute of it. Well, when got back to the car we headed home, called the babysitter, and Clint and I went to the temple. What a great day! I don't like to hike.....I LOVE to hike!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Calvin's birthday party.......ARRRR!

Well, Calvin's party went down without a hitch. Or whatever the phrase maybe. Four out of six of his little friends came, and to me it felt like there were ten kids. What a wild bunch! They had fun pretending to be pirates, especially when it came time to eat because that meant it was time to "break open" the rootbeer and cream soda bottles. My favorite picture is of them toasting each other with their bottles like pirates would. They also had fun trying to hook as many pretzels on their candy cane hooks as they could (sorry I didn't take pictures of that), sword fighting with pretzel sticks, and playing on the pirate ship. (That was a hit!) They all loved the cake and thought it was cool, but I think they really liked the treasure hunt. (Who wouldn't like a treasure hunt). It's fun to do parties for kids who totally love to have fun. This age group was fun to watch, probably because some of the boys have been Calvin's friends since kindergarten. Time flies so fast. I couldn't believe how big all of them were. Well, then Calvin opened presents, they ate cake, and played until their parents came to pick them up. Enjoy the pictures!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Abby uses her imagination

Abby was so cute one night when she was playing with her little people toys. I HAD to get it on tape.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Calvin had a great birthday!

Calvin had a good day considering it was Sunday. We went to church, and in Primary he got sung to, got a pin that says "I am a Child of God", a pencil, and got a candy bar. Wow! I hope they remember my birthday ;) Anyway, when we got home we had hamburgers and hotdogs on the BBQ, (cooked by Clint), then he opened his presents, then rode his new mountain bike for a while, then had ice cream. What? No cake, you say! We're going to have the cake at his party on Wednesday, after school. He wants to have a pirate party, and has been planning it for months now. He's going to put some of the pictures of his presents and party on his blog, if anyone is interested. Enjoy the movie!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Halloween.....I'm glad it's over

I think Halloween is fun, don't get me wrong! It's fun with kids! Dressing them up, taking them to parties, trick or treating, etc. This year we went to the mall in Henderson and trick or treated to the stores. Our ward did a sorry trunk r treat. So we felt the need to take them trick or treating. It was fun and safe! Then on our way home we stopped and had some pizza. Here are some pictures from that night!Don't look so excited AbbyDallin was the only one of our kids who wasn't scared to take a picture with the Joker.
What a great costume, huh? Don't take my picture
No Dallin! We don't like "see-food"!