Saturday, July 18, 2009

More of the 4th of July

We went to Mom and Dad's ward's 4th of July breakfast at the park. The primary kids walked in a little parade around the park, some of us played horseshoes, and some just visited. It was good times had by all. I will put more pictures of our family reunion on here later, so check back soon. Laurel and Maisy were so cute in the room under the stairs having a tea party. Elsa and Abby had loved to play with them too. A couple times the girls and I found them in the "Harry Potter room" making a mess and it brought Papa's story to life. ("Such pandemonium" :)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Horseshoes on the 4th of july

I think Calvin had fun playing horseshoes with Papa, his Dad, his brother and his Uncles at the 4th of July picnic. I did a video because for some reason this kid does not like his picture being taken. You can also she that in some of the other pictures where Camille is trying to trick him into getting his picture taken. (Didn't work...he was too smart for that.)1..2..3..Get 'emHa Ha....I got ya Calvin!

Everyone should have one....

Well, if you have a kid who hates to have water poured over their head during bath time, then you should own this. Ever since Abby started taking baths she has never liked water poured over her head (face). I would usually let her play first then wash her hair/body, because when I did she always wanted OUT. I actually saw this a year or two ago at Walmart and thought, "Oh I don't need it, Abby just needs to toughen up." After about a year of screaming and crying and fighting me to not pour water on her, I saw it at Target and decided to splurge a little (it was only about $5, don't ask me why I didn't "splurge" earlier) and get it. Best "splurge" I ever made. Abby loves it, and now I can wash her before she "plays" and give her more time in the tub. Everybody wins!