Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Awards For All the Boys

A few weeks ago, we attended a Court of Honor for the Boy Scouts where Dallin and Calvin were awarded some merit badges and ranks.  Clint also got a special award.

 First, Dallin was receiving some merit badges that he earned at Scout camp and Merit Badge moments.(They all have the option to go to these every Tuesday before their usual mutual activity.) 
Calvin was receiving some merit badges as well and a rank advancement.  He is now a Tenderfoot Scout.  
Back in 2009, Clint had the opportunity to go to Wood Badge for a week, then he had some ticket items that he had a year and a half to get completed or else he could not get "Beaded" and could never try again.  Kind of like the Eagle Scout award.  Well, he did it!  It wasn't until now, in 2012, that he actually got "Beaded" and is now official.  
We're so proud of all of them for their fine achievements!