Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Our cra-a-azy kids

Calvin and Abby were dancing to the electric piano, and Elsa teaching them how to twirl. (Do you like her outfit? She's a real fashion bug, eh?)
Calvin and Abby take a bow
Can you feel the love? They're so cute together!

Yep! It's that time of year of again. First day of school. Elsa was so excited to start kindergarten. When I took her, she went right into the gate and didn't need me to go in with her. Yea! I'm so glad! Last year I had to go in her class with until she was o.k. So this was definately an improvement or maybe a sign that she's maturing a little. I'm still going to try to get her into the program at U.N.L.V. in September. Her teacher said she did really well, and said Elsa was at ease with everything. Hopefully Elsa will be able to talk to her teacher so she can assess her progress through out the year.
Dallin and Calvin seem to have good teachers. Dallin has a guy teacher this year, so hopefully he can be more firm with Dallin of getting is work done and turned in on time. Calvin always tells me that school was boring, but I think he has fun.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

"But I wook peetty."

The other day I got the hair cutting stuff out to cut Calvin's hair. Well, I put the scissors and stuff on the kitchen counter and ran to the bathroom real quick. I mean I was gone literally 2 minutes. When I came back I found this....She had been asking me to cut her hair and I kept telling her that she didn't need her hair cut, but I guess that didn't cut it for her. ( No pun intended) So I guess she took matters into her own hands. When I found her with her "new do" I almost cried. Her hair was ruined. She simply looked up at me and said, "But I wook peetty." Well, after a lecture on who is SUPPOSED to cut her hair, I thought of a way to hide her "bald spot". She is the only 2 year old that I know of with a comb over. I think it works for her. She DOES look pretty cute. What do you think?

Friday, August 22, 2008

The last adventure of the summer

On friday, August 15, we went to the Springs Preserve with Uncle Anthony, Aunt Danielle, and James. It's a hand-on museum where you can go to learn about the history of Las Vegas, and also how to be water and energy efficient. The kids had so much fun it was hard to pull them away from it when it was time to go home. There were all sorts of things for them to do including looking through night vision scopes to find wild animals (on a screen), look for fossils in the sand, scan the fossils, dig sand to make a dam for water, and more. Oh yeah, and of course they loved the arcade. This arcade was different though. The games were geared toward teaching about being water smart, energy efficient, and learning all about the history of how Vegas was started and what it looked like 1000's of years ago. Did you know that this area was green and had a huge lake on it. In fact, there is a spring here (hence the whole idea for the Springs Preserve). Anyway, here are some pictures.......
The kids were excited to get in and PLAY!The kids loved to try to spin the big ball then try to stop it.
Calvin makes friends wherever he goes, they were
trying to spin the top of the cylinder as fast as it goes.
Here is Abby and James touching the big ballAbby trying to reach one of the arcade games
Dallin and Elsa playing games. I think Dallin won.
Dallin loved playing in the indoor playgroundAbby loved playing in the indoor playground too.Abby sitting in the train at the outdoor playgroundElsa playing in the playhouseJames joined Abby in the trainBathroom break! Check out these cool sinks!
Elsa had too much fun with theseThe kids with cousin James right before the flash flood simulation.During the flash flood and it was almost overBy the time I got my camera back out it was almost over.
The kids really liked it.There's Calvin with his lil' friend. Calvin loved to dig!There's Abby watching Calvin digElsa trying it for herselfAbby trying it tooWho said this was just for kids? Aunt Danielle liked it tooElsa and Abby watching Aunt Danielle digElsa scanning some fossils. A regular archiologist This place is #1Dallin trying to put this bowl back togetherYeah! He did it! Calvin digging for fossilsElsa digging for fossils Abby digging for fossils, or maybe just playing in the sandLooks like Dallin found oneHello little lizardsAHHHH! Bats!Just cooling offWhen you push the button mist sprays and cools you offHi, we're having so much funCalvin loved the springy rabbitElsa was so excited to show me all the different kinds of antsDallin inside the mud hutAbby and Elsa liked the big tortoiseGoing for a ride on the train(but not really)
The kids liked to sit on the bench and pretend they were really
in the time Las Vegas first settled. The t.v. screens for windows really helped
them see what it looked like. It was really cool.Standing in front of the sleeping foxWiped out after a long day!