Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Blast from the past

I was watching some of our videos from a while ago. (O.K. a long time ago). I can say that because I can't believe how fast my family is growing up (and we have a LOT of videos).
This one is of Elsa when she was 4 years old. (I guess it wasn't too long ago). I decided to share it with all of you because she is so funny. In this video, we're at Legoland and she is driving? the little lego cars. She is having a hard time keeping her foot on the pedal and steering at the same time. Anyway, here is the little movie. Don't worry if you don't find it adorable and hilarious as I do. I understand that I might find MY own child more funny and cute than someone else would think of her. I'm rambling now......here it is....Actually I uploaded this one of Abby playing peek-a-boo at Disneyland while we were waiting for the parade to start. She was so cute! The video of Elsa wouldn't upload for some reason. (maybe it is too long). I'll try to upload it to you tube first. Anyway....here's Abby....

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Will miracles never cease?!

About a week ago, we were all sitting and watching a movie one Friday night. While we watched, I painted Abby's finger and toe nails. She loved it so much that when I was done she asked her Dad if she could paint his nails. To my surprise he let her. He even let me take this picture. What a good Dad! I guess the power of Dad and daughter is BIG! The song by The Cranberries, "You got me wrapped around your finger" runs through my mind as I think about this.
BTW, Do you love Abby's tongue? She does that when she concentrates. (She gets that from the Singer side.)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy 2010!

I know it's been 2010 for a while now, and I am just now updating our blog. I've been pretty busy trying to get our house de-junked. (I still have a long way to go.) Anyway, I had a few minutes, while the kids are sleeping, to blog. So here we go.
For New Years Eve, we had a pretty fun evening. We had pita pockets and all the fixings for dinner, then did fondue. (My favorite). We dipped pretzels, bananas, strawberries, and marshmallows in milk chocolate and white chocolate. MMMM, YUMMY! We also watched one of our new movies we got for Christmas. Monsters vs. Aliens. It was fabulous and we all had fun together as a family. So now here are the pictures to prove it...

Then, of course, we also had cookies and this really yummy pumpkin spice cake. No wonder the kids were able to stay up for the New Year. Well, actually Elsa was the only one who fell asleep before midnight. She did, however, make it until about 11:30 or so. Then Abby zonked out next around 12:15 and then the boys went to bed after the movie was over at 1:00. Needless to say we ALL slept in the next morning.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Our Christmas

On Christmas Eve, when we're are with Clint's family or just by ourselves, we usually will have pizza for Christmas Eve. It was a tradition carried on from Clint's family. I liked it because it was one less thing for me to do on that day to get ready for Christmas. Well, this year we decided that it might be fun to make our own pizza instead of buying it. At first I wasn't sure if I wanted to do it because I knew that I would be the only one in the kitchen making it. Well, as it came closer to the time that we were to make it, I thought of different ways to involve the kids and Clint to ensure that I was not the only one doing all the work. Everyone was happy to help and we all had a blast making our pizza's. A supreme for Clint and me, and a pepperoni for the kids. It turned out a little doughy in the middle, but still was pretty good. Next time I'll leave it in the oven a little longer. Anyway, we then cleaned up the kitchen and then proceeded with our little Christmas program. We sang Christmas songs from the childrens primary song book. Then, the girls and myself told the story of Jesus with the flannel board. I don't know how much of it they actually understood, because they both had to put on equal number of pieces. It was a little chaotic, but Clint and I managed to help the kids understand some of the story. Then the kids opened their p.j.'s (another tradition), then since it was really late, they went to bed before Santa passed by our house because they were not asleep. Well, Christmas morning came and Yes, Santa did come! The kids came in to our bedroom and wanted to go out and see what Santa brought them. I love seeing the anticipation on their little faces. They lined up in the hallway from youngest to oldest. Then, I went out to turn on the Christmas lights on the tree. Then told them it was o.k. to come out now. We all had a wonderful Christmas and thanks to Grandma and Papa, and all their Aunts and Uncles, the kids were spoiled this year. We truly appreciate our family! Here are some pictures of our holiday....

The picture in the middle is the kids and their new p.j.'s. The girls liked their's despite the look on their faces. The boys got cool boomerangs from Abby and Mom that we made with Clint's help. (They drew their names this year.) The girls got got jewelry boxes that Dallin and Elsa made with the help of their Dad. (Dallin drew Elsa's name and Elsa drew Abby's.) Calvin had Clint's name and he made him a coupon book.
Thanks to Ebay and Walmart Dallin got and Leapfrog Crammer, Calvin got a Leapfrog Didj, Elsa also got a Didj, but pink, and Abby got a princess oven that cooks with cool air. It's pretty cool. (No pun intended). The Crammer and Didj's are handheld video games that help them learn while they're playing. They love them and I love them because I can plug them into the computer and track their learning. Also they can put they're spelling lists, or math lessons right on the didj's and they will go right into the game. Awesome! Another great thing about them is they're WAY cheaper than Nintendo DSi's. I love that they love them. Calvin got a Star Wars and Indiana Jones game and Elsa got a Super Chicks game.
The boys got their tools and toolboxes finally. We got them last year and forgot to give them to them, so we saved them for this year. They loved them. The kids also got the movie "Aliens in the Attic". Clint and I thought it would be a low budget film. We were wrong, it was pretty good and FUNNY. The kids were pretty excited to get it. Thanks Aunt Lisa. The girls got Playmobiles that we've had for a long time and managed to hide all this time from the kids. They loved them. Well, we had a memorable Christmas and we all can't wait for the next one. Stay tuned for our New Years Eve!

Saturday, January 02, 2010

So much to post.....

As I was doctoring up our photos in Picnik, I realized that I never actually did a post to show you the Christmas dresses for the girls.
I got a Hanna Anderson catalogue in the mail a couple months ago and they had the cutest sweater dresses for prices a little above our price range. So I thought, "Hey, I could probably make these, Yeah, I could make these." So with the help of a couple blogs which posted about repurposing sweaters, (I love the internet) I set to work. It took 1 day to complete both dresses and they were only $3 each. (I got the sweaters at D.I.)Abby's turned out a little too big, but that's o.k. she will be able to wear it longer.