Sunday, December 03, 2006

I'm a slacker

I'm sorry it has taken me so long to update my blog. I'd like to say I was too busy, but that would not be entirely truthful. There's always time for everything if you organize your time wisely, right? Yeah, if only I was better at that. I'm learning.

Well, since Abby's birthday, we have had fun celebrating Halloween and Thanksgiving. For Halloween we had a ward carnival and a school carnival which were really fun for the kiddies. Then on Halloween I took the kids trunk or treating at my friend, Sariah's old ward. (Since she and her family moved up to Draper, Ut.) They came down for Halloween and had fun with us. Clint stayed home while I took the kids trunk or treating, so he could pass out candy to the trick or treaters who came by. Then, Sariah and her kids came home with us that night and the kids watched Charlie and the chocolate factory. It was a fun night. Then, on Nov. 1, Dallin and Calvin were out of school on track break. Elsa still had to go because she is still on the 9 month schedule. Calvin had his 6th birthday and we celebrated by going to Peter Piper Pizza. His favorite thing he got was his digital comera. Anyway, since the boys were already out of school and it was easy to take Elsa out of school a little early, we left a week before Thanksgiving to go to Utah and pick up Hannah and go to Reno for Thanksgiving. We stayed in Utah for a couple of days and had fun with Hannah and Sariah and her kids. Then, we went to Jeff and Hannah's stake road show. It was good, what I saw of it, anyway. Elsa was tired and she didn't even want to go in to the cultural hall to watch it toward the end of all the road shows. Anyway, then we headed for Starr Valley and stayed with Olivia and her cute little family. We went to church and watched their primary program, then headed to Reno and got there around dinner time. Then, I went to the airport to pick up Clint.
We had a great Thanksgiving. Everyone, including Grand
ma Dahl, was there except, Tavan and his family and Cedric and Sarah. Well, Cedric and Sarah popped in occasionally to say hi and eat pie.
Then, the day after Thanksgiving Clint and I and Abby, Hannah and Jeff woke up really early and went shopping. CRAZY! We were sooo crazy! We went to Circuit City first and there was a line at the door waiting for the store to open and it was freezing. We were crazy, I know. But we got some good deals. Then, we went to Kohl's so Hannah and Jeff could get a 7 piece set of luggage for only $39.99. Great deal! And it was the last one. Clint and I got things for the kids christmas. Then, Saturday, we got ready and headed for home. Oh yeah, while we there in Sparks, I should say. We looked at homes there. Clint is looking for work up in Sparks/Reno so we can move back up there to be closer to family. I hope everything works out so we can move up there soon. Since we got back, the kids went back to school and Clint got the front yard cleaned up and I am working on getting the house organized and ready for Christmas. So there you have our family news in a nut shell. I will try to keep this blog updated more often.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Abby's Birthday

We had a small celebration on Sunday between conference sessions so Clint could be here. He has been working in Phoenix lately helping his company expand down there. That the only time we could celebrate because he had to leave again after conference. Anyway, it turned to be fun and everyone enjoyed themselves. Here's some pictures.....This is the little tent Abby got from us. She loves to crawl through it and play with the little toys and ring the door bell outside the little door. As you can see Abby had her cake and ate it too. Elsa loved to help her open and play with her presents. We had a good day. Happy #1!!!!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Happy Birthday: Abigail Olivia

Today Abby turns 1. I can't believe it's been a whole year. She grew so fast. She's crawling everywhere now and she's fast too. Her favorite room in the house is the bathroom. I have to always make sure the door is closed so she doesn't play in the toilet or something. Well, the rest of the kids are great. They all still love school. Dallin is in the accelerated reading and math program, and he's loving that. Calvin is learning how to read and he loves that. Elsa is talking a LOT. Now, her teachers are working with her to say the words right. Elsa has a new speech therapist this year and Elsa loves her.
My friend and I have been into taking old time pictures of the kids. It's been fun. Here are some of them. The little boy is Byron. My friends son. We arranged for Byron and Elsa to get married when they're older. (Well maybe) Anyway, they're good little friends.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Well alot has happened since our last blog. Dallin and Calvin finished their baseball seasons. They loved playing baseball. Calvin especially loved it at his last game of the season, when his coach brought out water balloons and the kids got to throw them at each other and the coach. Dallin was so excited when his coach gave him his trophy and said he lead the team by getting on base the most times. Anyway, this week Clint is in Tucson Az. He is helping his company expand their business down there, little do they know that he's going to leave them for another job. Las Vegas Paving wants him to go work for them. It will be good for him because he'll learn new and different skills and work less hours and make the same as he makes at American asphault. (where he works now). Also, he'll still be looking at jobs up in Reno because we both really would like to live up there. (Despite what Mom thinks.)
Anyway, Elsa is talking a whole lot more. She is so cute. She is trying to stay dry and clean for a whole week so she can get a "Kelly doll". (A mini Barbie that's a little girl) She has 5 days left to go. Whenever I ask her if she is ready for school, she says "Um, no." Then when I ask Calvin he asks,"Is school this day?" Then when I say no it's next week, he is so sad. Dallin is excited to be a 2nd grader. Abby is growing so fast. I can't believe she is going to be 1 year old at the end of next month. Her two front bottom teeth are breaking through, and she been fussy and clingy lately, but who can blame her, right? Her little personality is starting to show. She's so cute and loves her brothers and sister. They love to make her laugh. Well, it is late so I better close for now. Here are some pictures to enjoy.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Hello, it's been a long since I have written anything. I thought it was about time I updated our blog. First, on July 22 we went to Sparks for Cedric and Sarah's wedding. It was very beautiful and also a lot of fun seeing everyone again. My favorite part that I didn't capture on video or camera was when Dallin asked Hannah for a dance and they danced. It was so cute. I wished I had my camera). Anyway, then we came back to hot Las Vegas. The boys had their last baseball games this past weekend, that was fun. Calvin's team threw water balloons at each other at the end of his game and Dallin's coach passed out trophies and pictures at the end of his game. Dallin got on base the most times of any player, on his team, this season. I think that they both have shown tremendous improvement with their baseball skills. Elsa is talking a lot more. One day she came into the kitchen and with arms up in the air proclaimed, "Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, presenting..." then she said something but I couldn't understand it. Actually the way she said it was like this,"Ladies and dendelmen, boys and dirls, detenting..." Now she goes around the house saying this and then after presenting she says "you!" Abigail is 10 months old now and I took some cute old fashioned pictures of her. She is now rolling over and scooting a little to get places, but not yet crawling. Last night, Saturday, we had a ward party at the community pool. It was so fun. Abby loved the water. Elsa did too, but she didn't want to leave the steps of the pool, except to jump to me and go to the baby pool. Dallin and Calvin brought their life jackets and were like little fish. After swimming for about an hour we all went to another part of the park and had a potluck dinner. On my way there, I was tossing stuff over the fence to Clint to put in his truck and looked down and saw a whole bunch of ants all over my feet. I hurried and brush them off but still got bitten. OUCH! Then after we ate, the firemen, next door to the park, sprayed their foam all over the kids. Dallin and Calvin loved it. Then they sprayed the kids with a regular hose to wash them off. Then, Carrie, their babysitter, came home with us and watched the kids while Clint and I went out with his sister, Danielle and her husband Anthony. Then today, we went to church and had wonderful meetings. And now we are relaxing. That's all I have to say for now.

In this picture, we were eating dinner when Elsa started to growl. I looked to see what see was doing. She bit her bread into the shape of a dinosaur and was playing with it. Then she ate a little more to make a butterfly. She makes us laugh. Every day.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Here are some pictures Britta took on a Sunday afternoon. Enjoy!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Summertime blues

Well, it's the middle of summer and I can't wait for the kids to be in school. I know, I know. It's only been a month since they got out. They drive me crazy sometimes. Although it is nice at times to have them home. Like today, when I woke up this morning, Calvin, of all kids, came to me and said, "I cleaned the living room already." What a kid. I love it when he's like that. Dallin is like that too lately. He is really trying hard to get to level A. (The video game level).
It is so hot lately that we don't go outside at all during the day. So the kids play inside and mess the house up after they clean it. It drives me crazy. Am I never going to have a clean house. Anyway, On Thursday Elsa started her swim lessons. It's a parent/tot class, and it's so fun. Elsa did so well for on her first day. She was a little scared at first, but when as she got used to the water she was like a little fish and was soon jumping into the pool to me. One day , maybe, I'll bring my camera and take pictures. Maybe. The boys are loving their baseball teams. Dallin has shown tremendous improvement this season. Clint and I have been so proud of him. I think it's because he has a better coach this year that actually knows what he's doing and Clint has more time to show both boys how to throw and catch. Calvin is a natural, one of the things he improved in was batting, and not throwing the bat after he hit the ball to run to first base. One day he almost hit the coachs' son who was helping his Dad by playing catcher. (Bytheway, his son is about 17 years old, not 5.) Anyway, Calvin is doing alot better at just setting the bat down, then running. I'm so glad their games are in the mornings on Saturdays, although it is still pretty hot, but not as hot as the afternoon.
The other night Clint went to watch Las Vegas Paving pour a barrier wall. He came home feeling pretty impressed that they poured a 6 foot wall with a curb machine and he thought that would be pretty cool to learn to do that. He is still just thinking about going to work for them. I hope this whole idea of his work expanding to Reno works out or Clint find a job in Northern Utah.
Well, I better go for now. I'll add some pictures later. See ya!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

New Growth

Well, our yard is coming along. We just had this nice tree planted. It's going to be big and give us alot of shade. How nice is that?
Speaking of "new growth", Abby is growing so fast. She's almost 9 months, and getting cuter everyday. Last weekend
she and I flew to Reno to go to Sarah's bridal shower. It was fun. Abby went to anyone that would give her attention, and everyone loved her. When Papa held her, she snuggled right into his shoulder. Later, when Grandma held her she snuggled into her as well. She's our little snugglebug.

School's Out!

Well, summer has officially started, and although the kids aren't driving me batty yet, they are having fun at home. I just have to plan some little activities for them to do. I've started giving the boys chores and let me just say that it's so nice to have people around here to share the load. ( When I can get them to do their chores.)

In the picture of Dallin, he is receiving his award for maintaining an A average. He worked really hard to keep that. The picture of Elsa is her last day of school getting off the school bus. She loved riding the bus home. Do you like her cute belly?

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Sunday, June 04, 2006

June 4, 2006

Well it's June already! I can't believe Dallin and Elsa will be out for the summer. Only 4 days left. Elsa's teacher said she could've gotten her ready for the summer program, but she didn't want to push her too much. When Elsa feels pushed she kind of shuts down and doesn't say anything. It's like she talks when she wants to and no one can tell her when or what to say at times. Although she is always listening and learning everything that goes on around her. She is so cute. She says something new everyday.
We decided, after talking with Dallins teacher and principal, that it would be best to keep him going to the 2nd grade and see how he does in the first few weeks and if he is still doing really well then he will go into the 3rd grade class for reading and math. Today, Sunday, he had me teach him how to add and subtract decimals. Then, he wanted me to make up some problems for him to do. He did pretty well. Sometimes I would love to go into that little brain of his and see what he thinks about. Very interesting! Always learning.
Calvin is trying my patience alot lately. Totally testing me. He got out the blocks and promised me that he would put them away when he was finished. Well 2 days later the blocks are still out on the floor. Normally, I would pick them up and take points away for leaving a mess, but I don't want him to think that I'll do it everytime, and he just has to sacrifice a few points. So everyday that he leaves them out he loses 3 points. I'm starting to get impatient and ready to just pick them up so the family room is clean. I think I'll wait until he picks them up. I wouldn't want him to win this little battle. Anyway, he is doing good otherwise. He still is so excited to go to Kindergarten. Everyday is still asks if this is the day he goes. Calvin can be a little pill, (Mom's word), yet on the other hand he can be so sweet.
Abby is 8 months and still no teeth and not crawling. Thats o.k. because when I sit her down to play she stays where I put her. The teeth thing is good too, because I'm still breastfeeding her. She gets cuter by the day.
Clint and I are doing great. We're almost finished with our front yard. It's looking really good. I'll take pictures and put them on the blog later. Clint is still liking his calling. (Elder Quorum President) and I'm still loving being in the primary presidency. So much fun! Well, I better go it is getting late and I'm getting very tired.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

May 8 2006

Well, here I am, FINALLY. I know. It has been crazy around here. Just haven't had the chance to sit down and write or when I did have time I was too tired. I'm sure alot of you reading this can relate.
Well, we've all been good. Healthy, and happy. Let me just tell about each person.
Elsa Lou
She has been doing so good with her speech. She's saying a lot of words now. It's so great to actually know what she wants. She loves school and races to the playground in the mornings eager to go. She loves riding the bus, and she and Calvin are getting along so much better. They play with each other really well. I think Calvin realizes that while she is at school he is alone to play with no one except his baby sister who can't wrestle or play rough with yet and his mom who is busy trying to keep up with the housework. Boring!
On that note, I think I'll go right into Calvin. He is doing so good with his preschool, when we do it. He, also, can not wait until he is in Kindergarten. He is such a bright boy. He loves the gospel and shares it with everyone by his little example. I could go on and on about him, but it is late and I still need to talk about Dallin and Abby.
Dallin is doing so well in school, which by the way, is going to year round next year. I think that will be good. Clint and I are still trying to decide if he should skip 2nd grade. Academically he is ready for 3rd grade, but socially we're not sure. We don't want him to be bored though in 2nd grade. Anyway, he also loves the gospel and loves primary. I am the 2nd counselor in the primary pres. So I get to watch my boys in there. They are so cute.
Anyway, Abby, is 7 months old, if you can believe that. She is happy and healthy. Except for allergies to pollen or whatever is blooming. She is sitting up real good and straight. She loves to play and chew on everything, but that's usual seeing as how she teething, yet no teeth yet.
Well, I better go to bed. I'm tired and it's very late! This will do for now, I'll write more later. Good Night!

Friday, March 17, 2006

Update on our family.... Finally!

Hello, sorry it has taken me so long to add more news to our blog. Alot has happened since our last entry. First, we traded in our van for a 2007 Chevy Tahoe. It's really nice and alot bigger. My favorite part about it is the onstar, and hands-free phone. Very cool. Right after we got it, Hannah came down to Vegas and then we all went down to Mesa, Arizona for Liz Kitchen's wedding. She was so beautiful and her and her new Hubby will be happy together. We, then, had fun going around Mesa and looking at our old house, schools, and church. Everything seemed so much smaller than I remembered it. It was so fun to show Clint and the boys where I grew up. We didn't have alot of time, so we didn't see anyone. We wanted to get back for our church on Sunday because our ward boundaries had changed and we were in a new ward, which seems like it will be a great ward. I will talk about Clint's and my callings after this Sunday when we're sustained and set apart. Well I better go for now, it's about midnight now and I'm getting tired. I will post pictures tomorrow and write more. Good night for now!

Friday, February 24, 2006

The rest of the family

Everyone else in the family is doing good. Dallin still loves the first grade. Earlier in the week he FINALLY lost his tooth. It was loose for quite a while and we told him to keep wiggling it and it would fall out. Clint tried a couple of times to surprise him by pretending to just look at it, then pull it out real quick, but Dallin was too smart for that and he wouldn't let him touch it. I'm glad Dallin lost his tooth on his own. (Without any tears.) Anyway, Calvin and Abigail are doing good. Abby is starting to sit up with help and likes her new stationary walker. (So does Elsa). They play with it together, and Abby likes to stand up in it. Calvin asks me just about everyday if it's time for him to go to school. He can't wait to be a kindergartener. Clint and I are doing good. Healthy, happy, and loving life with our four kids.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

First Entry

Hello, if you're reading this then you know that we have started a blog. I thought it was a good idea when I read Micah and Camille's blog. What a great way to record our day to day activities. Since I'm not very good with "writing" in a journal and much better at typing, (and faster). What better way to keep a record of our family and sharing it with our family and friends.
We just recently celebrated Elsa's birthday. Since turning 3, she started the early childhood program at the elementary school. She's been going there for two weeks now and loving it. She was a little shy at first when I dropped her off, but now she runs onto the playground and doesn't look back. We have seen a difference in her already since she has started. She will tell me what she wants instead of crying and when I ask her to say a word she'll try to say it. Things are going great with her and we are so proud.