Sunday, February 28, 2010

Flash back!

This is Elsa at age 4, at Legoland. I was finally able to put it on youtube, then here. So enjoy! Oh and feel free to add any commentary as you watch it. I couldn't figure out how to add it or music as I was making this video. I'm still learning this Windows 7/moviemaker program. Anyway, here it is....Clint and I thought this was one of the funniest moments in our kids lives. We laughed so hard. I understand though if it's not that funny for any of you. Usually your own child is more funny to you than someone else's. Know what I mean?! Enjoy!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

2010 Pinewood Derby

Yes! It's pinewood derby time! It was a lot of fun this year and ALL the boys had a good time!
I can't believe it was Dallin's last year. In April he'll be an 11 year old scout. (Where did the time go? It seems like yesterday that he was a wolf.) Anyway, here are some photos and video of the derby....Enjoy! The last few videos are Clint's and mine. The Cub leaders made cars and raced against each other and guess who won....that's right...ME. (Thanks Clint for doing my wheels and axles). The young men and women made derby cars for their activity and Clint made one that was fast, but since they could make theirs with unlimited weight, Clint's didn't win. A kid named Joey with a car that weighed a little over a pound won. They all had a lot of fun!Just before the race! Can you feel the excitement?!I love this picture! The car that's in it is the 6th boy over from the right.
I love the boys faces as they watch their cars. So cute!Dallin's car is in the red lane, Calvin's is in the white lane, and their friend,
Brock's car was in the blue lane. Brock's car was pretty darn fast. Dallin won 2nd place! He was happy, yet a little disappointed
that he didn't win 1st. (Ya can't win'em all) He's such a good sport though, and didn't
let it bother him. He knows that it's just a fun race and we're all
there to have fun! He WAS so happy to get 2nd! Was this a happy kid or what?
Calvin won 1st! Next year he'll have quite the challenge,
there were alot of boys, (with Dad's), who are new to cub's, who
worked hard to make their cars fast.
(Between their cars in the first race of their heat, it was about 300th's of a finish)
My car is the purple car with the #1. (or the leader:))
Clint's car was the one that won, and the one that bounced back and knocked the other car off the track.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lego man prank call

This is a hilarious, actual, prank call done with none other than Legos. Dallin and Calvin are very much into legos and you tube. We hope you enjoy this....

Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Christmas Adventure....The room under the stairs

For those of you, who are not part of the Anderson family, I feel like I need to explain our new Family blog header. At Christmas time in 2008, we, the whole Anderson clan, went to Stonehill, which is what my parents call there new house because it is built on a hill with lots of stones in it. My parents try to write a family story for the the grandkids every Christmas or so. They wrote the cutest one ever this particular Christmas in 2008. All the grandkids in it, were animals. Dallin was a bear, Calvin was a puppy, Elsa was a duck, and Abby was a squirrel. Just for your information, the rest of the cousins consisted of a monkey, elephant, 2 bunnys (the twins), a beaver, a pony, a kangaroo, and a lamb. It was a story of the older "animals" taking care of the younger "animals" and "oh what mischief those babies got into." It's a cute story and my kids LOVE it. They always want me to read it to them. Their grand parents gave them the story book, and the stuffed animal that they were. Except the older boys, they got jean quilts with fleece material on the back with their animal printed on it. Anyway, it's a special and fun story that we all love and the kids always talk about how they are a duck or squirrel or bear or puppy when they see any of those animals. It's fun!

The Family Recipe blog

Our recipe blog has been neglected long enough. I was going through some of my recipes that I printed off of the computer and thought that I needed to put them on the blog and not put it off any longer. So I started to and still have a lot more to put on, so keep tuning in to see more yummy recipe's that we've tried and loved. Also feel free to put some of your own on.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Elsa turned the big 7

Yes, it's true! Elsa is 7 years old. My little girl is growing up way too fast. She had a good day. It started at school. I made cupcakes for her class and then her Dad took them in. Elsa was very happy about that. Then later that night, she wanted to go to Cici's Pizza, so we all went and enjoyed all you can eat pizza and then came home, opened presents, ate cake, and watched the new movie she got. (Cloudy with a chance of meatballs). Cute movie.
Now for seven things about Elsa,
1. She is very creative in her play.
2. She loves to draw and is very good at it.
3. She's a good friend. She has a few little friends at school and she is always talking about them (at home) and drawing pictures for them.
4. She 's a good big sister.
5. She loves to go to primary.
6. She is so happy all the time and makes us laugh.
7. She is a good student and is very smart.

Another great thing that happened on her birthday was that her cousin was born. Uncle Cedric and Aunt Sarah had their baby, they named him Baxter Lewis Anderson. (You can see pictures of him here.) She is so happy to share her birthday with one of her little cousin. We made this cupcake just for him.
Happy Birthday to Baxter Lewis! These were for Elsa's classHooray for presents!
Thanks Aunt Danielle, Uncle Anthony, Aunt Steph,
Aunt Tracy, and of course, James
for the Didj Tinkerbell game!
Also, thanks Aunt Lisa for the gift card!Yeah for new movies!Thanks Grandma and Papa for the cute outfit
and Aunt Hannah for the paper doll! I love them!Hooray for Dora! Thanks for the sweat bands Abby!The cake was a Dora theme and Elsa's favorite, chocolate!