Sunday, October 21, 2007

We love Halloween!

Batman, Tinkerbell, Mario, & The one eyed, one horned flying purple people eater had a blast at the school carnival on friday night.


Abby finally let me put her hood on and kept it on the rest of the night. Calvin and Dallin made cakes for the cake walk. Dallin's is a spider web and Calvin's is spooky eyes looking at you, adorned with spiders, bats, and ghosts, oooooooo! They had fun decorating them. At the carnival, we went through the haunted house. Calvin was so scared he closed his eyes and plugged his ears and Clint had to push his through, Elsa did good until some spooky hands tried to grab her feet, that scared her a little. Dallin did good all the way through, he was the first one out. Abby just looked at everything like she was so not impressed. Then, we just played some games and then went home. what a night!

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CEDRIC & SARAH said...

These costumes are SO Rad! Good job you guys! Seriously.