Friday, April 25, 2008

Cute kids everywhere!

This was at Uncle Jeff's parents lovely home on that wonderful blessing day!

I have been reading everyone's posts, and oohing and aweing over their cutie-petutie babies.
I thought it was time I shared more of my kids doings.
Abby has been so cute lately. She goes around the house singing her ABC's. It's cute because it's like the song that never ends. It goes"A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,L,M,N,O,P,Q,S,T,X,Y,Z, Now I know my ABC's next time won't you sing with me, A,B,C...." sure she leaves some out but it's so cute. Don't you agree? I'll try to record her next time she sings it. She's hilarious, and keeps up laughing, on our toes, etc. She reminds me of Calvin when he was her age. If she is nowhere in site, yet quiet she was probably doing something she shouldn't be doing. She is such a good girl though, tonight I put her in time out for throwing toys at Dallin. Well I forgot to set the timer and a few minutes later as I was making dinner, Clint came home from work and said hi to everyone, then asked where Abby was. I said, "I don't know, where is she?" I seriously forgot, for just a second, then remembered that I had put her in timeout about probably 10-15 minutes ago. Usually her timeouts are 2 minutes. (oops!) So I quickly went into her room. She was laying on her bed. When I walked in she quickly got up and said,"I say sorry to Dallin for throwing toys." "Wow!" I thought, she remembered why I put her in timeout that long ago. "Good girl" I said.
This week Dallin and Calvin had award ceremonies at school. Calvin is on the A/B Honor Roll and Dallin got an award for having only 1 absence. I was so proud of them. After Dallin's ceremony I asked him if he thought he could get back on the A/B Honor Roll. He said, " No, I gonna get back on the A Honor Roll." I said, "O.K. and how do you do that?" He said," Turn in all my assignments on time." "Good boy!" I said. I talked to his teacher and she told me he was doing good so far. Keep it up, Dallin! Calvin has all A's except 2 B's in writing and science. Both Clint and I have been proud of him also. He cracks us up too. He is so social with anyone he is around. He gets that from his dad. Elsa, on the other hand, is very shy. Around her brothers and sister and mom and dad, we can't get her to be quiet. At school and church, though, they can't get her to speak at all. I think I'm going to take her to a child psychologist to see if she can work these things out. I would love to see her more social and let her true self come out. She has so much to offer everyone she comes or will come in contact with. She is such a sweet and funny girl. We love you, Elsa Lou.
This was taken during the boys track break. I took them to the library one day. No, there wasn't a dress up party or anything. Elsa decided she was "Wonder Red" one of her heroes from a show called "Super Why"on P.B.S. kids. They're a group of kids called the "Super Readers" with super powers to help kids to learn to read, spell, etc. Anyway, it's Elsa's favorite show. Abby wanted to dress up like Minnie Mouse or rather carry the costume to the library. Weird or cute? You decide! I say, cute. But I could be bias.Last week, Aunt Hannah, Laurel, and Maisy came to our house to visit. What FUN we had. While they were here the kids were out of school on that Monday so I thought it would be fun to have a little birthday party for Dallin . Well, we had an obsticle course and some games. I made the banner you see hanging up, which was easy. We hung balloons and got a cake. Well, only one of his friends showed up. I guess passing the invites out at school doesn't work to well. His friends probably forgot to show their parents, or left them at school or something. Oh well, we still had fun and Dallin got a cool skateboard from his friend. They had fun! Anyway, below you'll see Laurel sporting one of the medals that went into the goody bags for the kids. What a champ, huh? Isn't she so cute, and so is her sister. I think Laurel was asleep and the flash of the camera woke her up and scared her a little.
Sorry, Laurel!

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Hannah Stevenson said...

I LOVE this post Bertha! You have the cutest kids...I loved the library picture..Elsa is such a crack-up! I wish we could beam ourselves over there right now (no airplane needed!)