Saturday, May 31, 2008

For the kids......

Since I started blogging when all of my kids were already born and past the point of "newborn", I thought I'd post each of the kids, one at a time, telling about them from birth to now. So I had a record of their lives and I could express my feelings of joy, sorrow, etc. for them to read later in their lives.
First I'll start with Abby, since all of her pictures are already on my computer. The boys pictures, I'll have to scan in, since I only had a film camera waaayy back then. So here goes;

Abigail Olivia Singer -- born September 27, 2005About a week after we brought you home from the hospital, you lost some weight. I took you to the doctor for a normal check-up and noticed that you were 6 lbs. 14 oz. I didn't say anything to the doctor about it because he didn't seem to be worried. When I came back to the doctor at your 2 week mark. I noticed that you were 6 lbs. 11. The doctor again said nothing, so I did this time. I'm glad I did because he didn't even notice your weight loss. He put you on formula for low birth weight babies and told me to feed it to you straight instead of breast milk. So I fed you you the formula then breast milk for dessert. On the doctors orders I brought you back three days later to find that you had gained lonly a couple ounces. He gave you a couple more days to get back to your birth weight. You did not make it, so he sent you to the hospital to get some tests to make sure everything was working correctly. After what seemed to be forever, which was really about an hour or two, you were fine and started to gain weight and eventually got to breast feed by itself. Yeah!
You were the only one of my babies that ever had a problem gaining weight or being small for that matter. It was so weird to be walking in the store and people would ask how old you were and I would tell and they would be surprised at how little you looked. It was weird for me because with each of your brothers and sister it was the opposite.
A blessing for Abigail OliviaYour blessing day was such a beautiful day. Look at all these wonderful people that came to witness your beautiful blessing that your Father gave to you. All ready for church

One day after church, you were having fun with Elsa, until she bit you on the belly. She got a time-out for that and was back playing, nicely. You two are such good little friends already.

You were about 2 months old.

Your first Thanksgiving -- 2005

You looked so cute on your first Thanksgiving, cute enough to eat!

Here you are wearing the shirt that Aunt Steph sent you from Hawaii.

This is your Mommy's favorite outfit on you. Actually your Mommy has a lot of favorite outfits for you.

For your first Christmas we went to Grandma and Papa's house in Sparks. You were such a good baby on the way there and while we were there. You didn't spend to much time in Mommy's arms because Elsa was sick and VERY clingy to her. Luckily you weren't picky about who held you. So Grandma and the Aunt's got to know you better. (and Johanna Holliday.) She came to celebrate Christmas with us too.

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Hannah Stevenson said...

This made me cry. I can't believe how fast she has grown! We love you Abigail Olivia.