Sunday, June 22, 2008

Abby....We love you

As Clint and I were talking in our room today, with no kids to bug us.(It's rare) We were talking about how special our little Abigail is. She has such a cute personality. She is so happy all the time, and you never know what she is going to do next. The other day, last Sunday in fact, she decided she was going to make cherry kool-aid for her and Elsa's tea party that they set up on the couch. She came to me with red all over her face and a look on her face like that was the most discusting thing she had ever had. Suprisingly, she cleaned up rather easy and with the help of the red couch, the kool-aid cleaned up easy too. Red is a good color to have with kids I've decided. She keeps me on my toes all the time. She is always ready for an adventure, especially when it comes to riding 4 wheelers. She also loves her primary(nursery) class.
Ever since she was in my belly, she has been an angel. I was never sick except at night when it was time for me to relax and rest. It was a blessing because I not only took care of my own kids, but my friends kids too a couple days a week. Well, then when she was born, she was always so patient with me when I had to care for Elsa or someone. She must've known she was the fourth child. ( It must take a special child to be the last one born in the family.) She also started sleeping through the night at about 2 1/2 months. ANGEL! She was always a happy baby. Now she is still happy, funny, mischeivious, a good sister, and so much more. We love you, Abby.
I found Abby, one day, playing in the ramen noodles box. I think she was pretending it was a car. Anyway, I thought it was cute so I snap a pictures.


Hannah Stevenson said...

She is a little angel. And just for the record, I think being the third child is the hardest. Amen

sarah said...

I believe that Abby is happy all the time, but I can never get her to smile for me! Maybe when I see her this summer I can do it. She is awfully cute in that Ramen box.

Bertha Boo said...

Oh Hannah, just go play with Huckleberry Pie and Raggedy Andy. - Clint