Wednesday, July 16, 2008

New do's for summer

Elsa was begging me to cut her hair for a couple of days. I finally worked up enough courage to cut her hair. (I do good to cut the boys hair, I wasn't sure about girls). Look how long it was! It makes me sad that I chopped it off. Then again, it is pretty cute now. I can't believe I cut it and it actually looks good.
We got lot of compliments at church the next day. So I guess I did do a good job after all. Elsa's little friend, Francis, came up to her and said, "Elsa, your hair looks adorable!" She's so funny because she tries to act so grown up. Elsa likes her a lot and she is good for Elsa.Before
After seeing Elsa get her hair cut, Abby wanted hers cut too. After
We got a lot of compliments on her hair too. I couldn't believe how thick her hair was already. This haircut will make it thicker and healthier too. What a cutie pie!


Cedric Anderson said...

I could use a sassy summer do like these!

Bertha Boo said...

Come on over Cedric. I'll give you one.