Thursday, January 22, 2009

Pinewood Derby 2009

This year's pinewood derby was so much fun. All the boys had fun, and none of them cried or complained when they didn't win. (unlike last year). I think they just wanted to see their cars race, and they all made pretty fast cars so they still did pretty well. Well, that said, there has to be winners, right?
In first place was a kid named Kyle who was racing for his last time.(he turns 11 this year)
In second place was a kid named Dallin Singer, racing his piano. Yes, you read right, no typos. He wanted to make his car look like a piano. So he and Clint worked hard to make a piano. We were surprised that it did so well because when Clint was putting on the wheels a piece broke off, so Clint glued it, and screwed it back on. We thought because of that it would not do as well as it did.
Anyway, coming in CLOSE third,(try 1000th of a second), a kid named Calvin Singer with his car he calls Formula 2009. He was really surprised! He wasn't expecting to place, but quite thrilled to except his award. When Clint was cutting out his car, Calvin watched anxiously, making comments here and there about how it wasn't looking like the picture. Clint explained that it takes time and a few cuts to make it look just right. In the end, Calvin was happy with it.
We were very proud of all the cub scouts for their good sportsmanship and the creative cars they all came up with.Calvin and his friends, Cody and Caleb.
Calvin always hides when it's time for picturesThe kids cars! Abbys is the wagon, and Elsa has Dora the Explorer on hers.

Clint wanted me to post these times. Here they are;
Dallin's blue lane 2.965 Calvin's blue lane 2.952
white lane 2.935 white lane 2.934
red lane 2.973 red lane 2.988


Cedric Anderson said...

That's great; I'm glad the kids did so well this year. Good job. The cars looked awesome!

OurLittleFamily said...

Calvin & Dallin...great job on the racing and the cool designs on your cars.

Clint...great job on building the cars for the boys (and the girls). Those are awesome.

How fun... I remember going last year. That was so fun! Dallin took a cookie that year too...remember? It is funny I remember that...he was all trying to be sly.

Well we miss you all. Can't wait to see you in March. We told James we are going to Vegas and he keeps saying...'go to airport...go on airplane...see Uncle Clint, Aunt Britta, Abby, Calvin, Elsa, Dallin' is so cute... it is like a little checklist goes off in his head. Miss you all! Danielle (Anthony & James)

Hannah Stevenson said...

I loved the originality of the cars! The piano and wagon are my cool. Good work!

Mom and Dad said...

Great cars! Even if they hadn't won they were great cars. Real winners all around. The formula 2009 left the others in the dust and the piano was definitely in tune! Little red wagon was not draggin'. Dora was a-Dora-ble. Love you all,
Grandpa (Papa) and Grandma