Thursday, June 25, 2009

Track Break update

O.K. I know it's been a week and a half since the kids have been back in school. I finally decided that it's time to do this even though my dumb computer is slow and my pictures aren't edited. I tried to edit them in, but after a couple of pictures the computer would go way too slow and I would get frustrated and give up. So I'm just going to put the photos on edited or not because our story needs to be told before I forget it.
We didn't go anywhere exciting, like Disneyland or visit Grandma and Papa or anything like that, we stayed here in good ol' Las Vegas and had fun. First, we went to The Old Mormon Fort. It was a great place to take the kids. They enjoyed seeing the old artifacts, and playing checkers in one of the towers. Unfortunately, we could not go up in the tower and look out, because the ladder was out of order. It was unfortunate because the kids were looking forward to that. That didn't stop them from having fun however. While the boys played checkers, I took the girls out and took pictures of them at various spots in the fort. Here are a few of them...The bunk houseDallin and Calvin at the entranceCalvin reading up on the Fort.Elsa took this picture. She even told us how to pose. Abby liked the sewing machine in the bunk house.
(That made her mother proud.)The boys love to play checkers (and chess)
every chance they get.Cute little Abby Calvin trying out the corn separating machineAbby wanted a picture of her sitting on this benchThink Dallin, where can you move?This was in the bunk house. Aren't they the cutest kids you ever saw?These two are the best of friends!After we were done at the Mormon fort, we walked over to the
little park just behind the fort. The kids enjoyed themselves that day. We also enjoyed
some honey treats that the pioneers use to make. They were pretty tasty.
Even Dallin liked them.Abby on the camel who looked like he's seen better days.
Poor camel!
There is still more that we did, so stay tuned for more pic's and stories.


OurLittleFamily said...

How fun... that looks cool. I can't remember if I went there as a kid or not. I always knew it was there, but I can't remember... I think my Mom took me there though. Looks like you all had fun. Oh...that camel has seen better days...poor camel.

kira said...

That looks like so much fun! I didn't realize it was so family friendly ... maybe I can talk Ryan into going with the kids tomorrow. :)