Monday, November 09, 2009

Preserving my Traditions and Memories

Go to Britta's Boutique to see what's new with me and what I have created lately.
I just put a post on there about Preserving my Traditions and Memories and I talk about Heritage Makers and how they've helped me to do just that very simply and in my spare time. (With 4 kids you can guess how much spare time I really have.) I started with Heritage Makers just to do scrapbooking online and not have to hassle with tradition scrapbooking. You know, taking EVERYTHING out then having to put it ALL away before the kids get to it and ruin the pages that I just created, or get into my markers and mark all over the walls. (Just to name a few examples). With H.M. I can spend anywhere from 1/2 hour to, well, as long as I have time for, to scrapbook online. All I do is go into my own, password protected, studio, work on my project, then when it's time to stop I click "save and quit" and it's saved and archived in H.M.'s database forever. Now you might be thinking "I wouldn't know where or how to begin?" Well, that's where I come in. I will be your consultant and help every step of the way. Also H.M. has wonderful recorded online classes, and outlines to help you created your books.
Heritage Makers is great because there's so much more you can do. Just go to my Heritage Makers site to see all you can do.

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