Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Will miracles never cease?!

About a week ago, we were all sitting and watching a movie one Friday night. While we watched, I painted Abby's finger and toe nails. She loved it so much that when I was done she asked her Dad if she could paint his nails. To my surprise he let her. He even let me take this picture. What a good Dad! I guess the power of Dad and daughter is BIG! The song by The Cranberries, "You got me wrapped around your finger" runs through my mind as I think about this.
BTW, Do you love Abby's tongue? She does that when she concentrates. (She gets that from the Singer side.)


Cedric Anderson said...

The color really brings out Clints eyes! Oh la la.

OurLittleFamily said...

James does the same tongue thing! Cute picture.

Ruth said...

What a cool dad Abby has!