Tuesday, July 13, 2010

We're NOT going private!

Yeah, you read that right.  After much thought and some research (of the blogger settings), I've decided not to go private.  I've toyed with the idea of going private for a couple of years but never did because it's been fun to meet up with long lost friends who found my blog.  Yeah, I realize that there are those crazy people out there who get to the blog though google search and whatnot, but don't they also go to the park, store, school, etc.  I'm not going to stop taking my kids to those places.  Besides, I have found out that you can actually go into the settings and take your blog out of circulation as far as web searches go. I think that's enough for now.  Plus, it's not like I'm going to post our personal information.  Also, my sisters husband said that there are at least 100 blogs created every minute, so that narrows the chances of some weirdo finding ours.  So I think we'll be just fine.


Dan said...


Anonymous said...

Good I never check private blogs...btw mine says private but I only save it because my pictures are on it. I'm now facebooking because it is way easier...when are you going to join us??

Hi, I'm Hannah. said...

Good choice Berth and it's actually more like 100 blogs every MINUTE. The last count which was done in 2009 was something like 148 million blogs. To each his own of course but I think there are so many more good things about keeping a blog public then the few very rare bad things.