Sunday, November 14, 2010

Our budding Artist

Elsa has really grown in her art abilities.  She loves Art and Music.  She told me the other day that she wants to be an art or music teacher when she grows up.  Here is a self portrait she did at school at the end of last school year.  So she was in 1st grade when she did it.  I took a picture of it then with the intention of putting it on right then, but then forgot or got busy or something, I'm sure you guys understand.  Well, I remembered and just so happened to be on the computer, so here it is. 


Damian and Amy said...

that is super impressive for a first grader! guess Christmas shopping her should be supplies! i love your blot and always check in but never seem to get around to posting a comment. thanks for sharing your darling family with us!

Cedric Anderson said...

Awesome. Elsa, from one artist to another- you have a future. Keep up the good work.

-Uncle Ceddy

JordoBaggins said...

I'm amazed by the detail and accuracy (no insult intended, she is a good looking child). The shading and lighting are astounding!
Good job Elsa,
Uncle Jordan