Sunday, December 12, 2010

Our "Candy" houses

Last Monday night we made "candy" houses.  (We used graham crackers, not gingerbread :o)  We had fun and some of the kids didn't even try to do actual houses for fear that they would not succeed at keep them standing. (Like last year).  Dallin did a Christmas speedway, Calvin did a snowball fight scene, Elsa was the only one who actually tried and succeeded at keeping her house up, and Abby...well she was just there for the candy.  I gave everyone six graham crackers and she placed them, neatly I might add, around her plated then proceeded to put little candy bars one each one, then putting more candy in the middle and around the plate.  She called it her "Candy land", then she changed it to "Christmas Town" from Polar Express.  Then of course they all couldn't help but "taste" the candy.  Yeah, they all had a great time. 


Jan said...

SO fun -- your kiddoes will want this to be a regular tradition. Love it!

JordoBaggins said...

Sounds delicious