Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Arrow of Light ceremony

On Tuesday, we all went to Calvin's cub scout pack meeting this month, where Calvin received his Arrow of Light.  He was so happy and proud of himself and he deserved it, he really worked hard.  He was supposed to receive it last month but everything got put on hold because of the road show.  (Which will be my next post).  Then Abby's birthday party.) 
Anyway, here are some pictures we took....some of them are ones that Dallin took so they're not quite in focus, but he did his best.
 Here is Calvin pinning my pin on my "Mothers Pride" ribbon. (Best investment for anyone who has sons in Cub scouts--they can't stick ya & You have somewhere to keep all those pins.) 
 This is Calvin showing us his plaque that he made.  He was so proud!
When he got home he said, "I can't wait to put this in my room!"
 This is him, the other boy who received his Arrow of Light, and his leader.

 This was fun!  We got to paint his face as a symbol of those who helped him along the way.  First his leader painted it, then his Dad, and then finally his Mom.  (I did the arrows.) 
Later that night a little girl kept staring at him like he was from another planet, so he went in the bathroom and washed it off.  
I can't believe he is going to be done with cubs in a month.  My boys are growing up too fast!  I'm proud of both of them though and I tell them all the time whether they want to know it or not.  (The teenage thinking is starting to set in already.) hahaha!

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Good job Calvin!!