Thursday, December 01, 2011


This year we, like last year, did Thanksgiving ourselves.  It was nice and quiet....well as quiet as a house of four of the loudest kids ever are.  Even though they may be loud and obnoxious at times, we still love them.  On a side note, our Stake President and his counselor came over on Tuesday and visited (just to visit and get to know us...that's all).  While they were here, they talked about their own families and how the Stake President only has one child left at home and how quiet the house is now and went on to say that he miss all the chaos and noise.  It made us think that all too soon we'll be in that same boat, so we need to remember that when it gets really chaotic and we feel like ringing some necks. (As my Mom put it).
Anyway, back to Thanksgiving, we had a nice dinner....and I didn't even burn the bird.  The Monday before Thanksgiving, in family home evening, we talked about gratitude and did our annual "Thankful Tree" where each of us puts something we're thankful for on a leaf and then sticks it to the tree.  The kids filled it up!

 Check out Abby's plate vs. Elsa's..............Can you say picky eater?!

 We also decorated our house for Christmas.
 Abby is so excited for Christmas!  Can you tell?

 We took Abby, Elsa and Calvin on a night out with Mom and Dad.  All three of them earned it!

 Elsa made this out of legos and I thought it was worthy for the blog!
 Our Thankful tree

 1 candy corn for each thing we're thankful for.
On Black Friday, we took advantage of some sales, then pretty much relaxed the rest of the weekend.  It was so nice!

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