Tuesday, July 17, 2012

We're Half Way Through Summer!

I can't believe how fast this Summer is going!  Honestly, I thought that, for me, it would go so slow with the kids being home and all.  It really has been fun to have them home most of the time.  For the most part, they help me keep the house clean by doing their chores in the morning, (so they can play video games and watch t.v.), but they have been absolute joys to have here.
On Saturday night, Uncle Jake (Clint's brother), his kids and sis. in law, Alicia, drove through Las Vegas on their way back to Oklahoma and stayed the night with us.  So on Sunday before they headed out, the kids got a little cousin time.  We all wished it was a little longer, but we also totally understand.  Maybe next time we can get together longer and do some fun stuff.  I did remember to take a quick photo of all the cousins together though.

Today, Tuesday, we went to the Springs Preserve to see the new things they have.  They took out the Space Exhibit and put in a Reptile Exhibit.  It was fun.....even Calvin, who really did not want to come with us because he thinks the Springs Preserve is boring, had fun.  He tried to convince me he was not having fun, but he had fun.  It's no Disneyland, but it IS fun and since we have season passes, it's free!
We also saw the new Bug Show.  It was creepy and interesting.  Even I found out some things about insects that I didn't know.  They had scorpions (creepy), Madagascar Cockroaches (creepy...again) they can grow to be 2 to 4 inches long....yeah....imagine that climbing up the wall in your shower.  They also had Meal Worms, a Tarantula, and others I can't remember what the names were.  The kids seemed to enjoy that as well.  We then visited our usual places....the Children's Playground, and the other activity center.  They moved some of the original video games, about conserving water and the history of Vegas,  to this building and also put in other fun stuff that teaches how electricity travels, the benefits of electric and other cars, different light bulbs, a wind turbine, a garbage truck where they tell you about recycling, etc.
Here are some pictures of our adventure today....

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OurLittleFamily said...

Fun! I didn't realize Jake & the gang stopped on their way back...that's a fun surprise for you all.

Sounds like you have stayed busy this summer.