Saturday, July 08, 2006

Summertime blues

Well, it's the middle of summer and I can't wait for the kids to be in school. I know, I know. It's only been a month since they got out. They drive me crazy sometimes. Although it is nice at times to have them home. Like today, when I woke up this morning, Calvin, of all kids, came to me and said, "I cleaned the living room already." What a kid. I love it when he's like that. Dallin is like that too lately. He is really trying hard to get to level A. (The video game level).
It is so hot lately that we don't go outside at all during the day. So the kids play inside and mess the house up after they clean it. It drives me crazy. Am I never going to have a clean house. Anyway, On Thursday Elsa started her swim lessons. It's a parent/tot class, and it's so fun. Elsa did so well for on her first day. She was a little scared at first, but when as she got used to the water she was like a little fish and was soon jumping into the pool to me. One day , maybe, I'll bring my camera and take pictures. Maybe. The boys are loving their baseball teams. Dallin has shown tremendous improvement this season. Clint and I have been so proud of him. I think it's because he has a better coach this year that actually knows what he's doing and Clint has more time to show both boys how to throw and catch. Calvin is a natural, one of the things he improved in was batting, and not throwing the bat after he hit the ball to run to first base. One day he almost hit the coachs' son who was helping his Dad by playing catcher. (Bytheway, his son is about 17 years old, not 5.) Anyway, Calvin is doing alot better at just setting the bat down, then running. I'm so glad their games are in the mornings on Saturdays, although it is still pretty hot, but not as hot as the afternoon.
The other night Clint went to watch Las Vegas Paving pour a barrier wall. He came home feeling pretty impressed that they poured a 6 foot wall with a curb machine and he thought that would be pretty cool to learn to do that. He is still just thinking about going to work for them. I hope this whole idea of his work expanding to Reno works out or Clint find a job in Northern Utah.
Well, I better go for now. I'll add some pictures later. See ya!

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