Sunday, July 30, 2006

Hello, it's been a long since I have written anything. I thought it was about time I updated our blog. First, on July 22 we went to Sparks for Cedric and Sarah's wedding. It was very beautiful and also a lot of fun seeing everyone again. My favorite part that I didn't capture on video or camera was when Dallin asked Hannah for a dance and they danced. It was so cute. I wished I had my camera). Anyway, then we came back to hot Las Vegas. The boys had their last baseball games this past weekend, that was fun. Calvin's team threw water balloons at each other at the end of his game and Dallin's coach passed out trophies and pictures at the end of his game. Dallin got on base the most times of any player, on his team, this season. I think that they both have shown tremendous improvement with their baseball skills. Elsa is talking a lot more. One day she came into the kitchen and with arms up in the air proclaimed, "Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, presenting..." then she said something but I couldn't understand it. Actually the way she said it was like this,"Ladies and dendelmen, boys and dirls, detenting..." Now she goes around the house saying this and then after presenting she says "you!" Abigail is 10 months old now and I took some cute old fashioned pictures of her. She is now rolling over and scooting a little to get places, but not yet crawling. Last night, Saturday, we had a ward party at the community pool. It was so fun. Abby loved the water. Elsa did too, but she didn't want to leave the steps of the pool, except to jump to me and go to the baby pool. Dallin and Calvin brought their life jackets and were like little fish. After swimming for about an hour we all went to another part of the park and had a potluck dinner. On my way there, I was tossing stuff over the fence to Clint to put in his truck and looked down and saw a whole bunch of ants all over my feet. I hurried and brush them off but still got bitten. OUCH! Then after we ate, the firemen, next door to the park, sprayed their foam all over the kids. Dallin and Calvin loved it. Then they sprayed the kids with a regular hose to wash them off. Then, Carrie, their babysitter, came home with us and watched the kids while Clint and I went out with his sister, Danielle and her husband Anthony. Then today, we went to church and had wonderful meetings. And now we are relaxing. That's all I have to say for now.

In this picture, we were eating dinner when Elsa started to growl. I looked to see what see was doing. She bit her bread into the shape of a dinosaur and was playing with it. Then she ate a little more to make a butterfly. She makes us laugh. Every day.


Hannah said...

Britta, those pictures are great! Where did you get the suitcase and telephone? I love the Elsa story....that's a classic! Love you all and don't you forget it!

Britta said...

Thanks! I got the phone and suitcase at a garage sale. We love you.

Grandma said...

I finally took time to read all of the blogg entries you have here. It is great. I will look more often now. Is Clint working on his new job yet? The pictures you post are so cute thanks for sharing them with us. We love you guys - all of you. Love Mom