Friday, July 13, 2007

For some reason the last pictures I uploaded appeared first . So, fourth of July is after the Dahl reunion. Oh well, I always have to get a picture of someone with Randolph. He's pretty popular with the kiddies. He IS in the perfect position to dance. This year Abby liked to dance with him.
Of course, What's a Dahl reunion without Uncle Mark and his horse and buggy.
The only pictures we got this year was the great grandkids and Grandma and her kids. No one was cooperating and I think Aunt Jennifer gave up on trying to get everyone together. The kids are so cute. Don't you agree?

The girls watching the fireworks.
James loved watching the fireworks too.
Happy Birthday Grandma! Wow! 89 years old. She looks great doesn't she.
This reunion was a great one. We missed Micah and Camille, Tavan and Melissa, all of Drew's family. But it was great to see everyone else. We had so much fun.
Fourth of July was so fun. We had a great day. Clint and some scouts in our ward finished our patio cover. Yea! it's done. Then, later that day Anthony, Danielle, and little James came over and had a bbq with us and did fireworks with us. The kids loved the sparklers the best I think.

Abby really did like sparklers, maybe she didn't like her picture being taken. She loved watching Dad set off the fireworks.

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Micah said...

We missed being there too. Next year.