Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I love a quiet house!!!

There is nothing sweeter than clean kids just out of the bath, and their hair combed, teeth brushed and in bed, (on time), the dishes done so now I have time to do what I want. Which right now I'm taking this opportunity to update this.
We just got back from an awesome week in Utah. It was so fun to see everyone, especially little Nigel. Micah and Camille had their baby boy last wee
kend. He was 6 weeks early, so he has to stay in the hospital until he can gain weight and keep it on. He weighed 5 lbs. 5oz. and was 18 in. long. He is so cute! Another great thing happened while we were there, Cedric and Sarah got sealed in the temple. It was such a wonderful day. The Salt Lake Temple was so beautiful. It was my first time inside the Salt Lake Temple. I love to go to the temple and feel my Saviors love for me, and I'm so glad that now Sarah and Ceddy can go inside with the rest of the family when we go. I'm so glad for temples!
We also, celebrated Dad's 60th birthday. He sur
e looks good for 60.
Then, the next day, we went camping. The campsite was great. There was a river that ran right by our site. The kids had fun going down it
on the innertube Tavan and Melissa brought. Jeff and Hannah had fun standing down stream a little ways catching the kids as they floated down the river.
We then, went to Uncle Sterling's house for the b
ig Anderson reunion. On the way there, Clint called and said he wouldn't make it. When we finally got there, I had just finished eating when Mom said that she saw Clint drive up in his truck. I said, "what?" It's true Clint is a liar. Just kidding, he surprised me. He also brought up the yellow 4 wheeler, and two of the kids 4 wheelers. Everyone had a blast! Especially, Kyuss and Clayton. They loved to go fast on them. They did pretty well too. Well, then, like all good vacations, this one came to an end. We packed up on Saturday, and left to go home. Here are some pictures of our Awesome week!!

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