Monday, December 03, 2007

Finally....I'll post something

I realized after I got logged on to type this blog, that I had not yet put the Thanksgiving pictures on the computer. So, until I do, I hope you enjoy these from last year's thanksgiving when we went to Sparks and the kids played in the leaves with Uncle Jordan.
Sorry it has taken me so long to post. We had a few very eventful weeks. First, we had Thanksgiving. What a GREAT Thanksgiving it was. We went up to Utah to be with all the family, everyone was there, except Tavan's family and Jordan and Ruth who were missed but I'm sure they all had wonderful holiday's as well. Camille's family came too and that made it even more fun. I can honestly say that this Thanksgiving was the best I've had yet. I think that Dallin and Calvin feel the same way. (Thanks Jon for bringing your Wii system.) Instead of asking for a playstation 3 for Christmas, Dallin's now asking for a Wii. Although it was fun, I don't think Santa will follow through with that wish.

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