Friday, January 11, 2008

Britta or Elsa?

Here's a clip of what Elsa looked like when I had her hair cut. Now, her hair is long and she wants to grow it out.


Hannah Stevenson said...

Britta you should post pictures of yourself at that age...that would be cool to see!

CEDRIC & SARAH said...

Britta, I love your weblog! Elsa looks super cute and yes, she is fortunate to look a lot like you! I didn't know that Dallin and Calvin have their own blogs but now I know and I posted some comments for them. Love ya,
P.S. your play list rules!

Hannah Stevenson said...

Must say love hearing "Hangin' Tough". Brings back memories of trying to sleep while my you had NKOTB blaring in your Walkman in the bunk bed above...ah those were the days! "STOP BREATHING!!!" Yes, yes, those were the days.