Saturday, October 04, 2008

Ya wanna pray?

One evening we all climbed in the car and headed to drop Clint off at a scout meeting across town. While he was in his meeting the rest of us went to get a bite to eat, then we went to a special "walk" for Uncle Anthony's school.
( It's a tradition at the La Cordon Bleu school to have the graduates walk down the hall while the other students cheer for them.) Anyway, back to dropping Clint off and going to eat. When we were finished, the kids and I climbed back into the car. I started it up and turned to Calvin, who was sitting up front this time, and said jokingly, "Let's hope and pray that I remember the way back to the church building where Dad is." Calvin asked seriously, " You wanna pray, Mom?" I just laughed and said, " No, I'm pretty sure I can remember." Although I must admit that I AM glad they put steeples on church buildings. Anyway, we picked up Clint and went to see Anthony "walk". It was good and I think it meant a lot to him that we were there to watch him, even if it was only about a minute. How exciting to graduate and move on. Congratulations Anthony!

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