Sunday, March 15, 2009

Our weekend update

I'm going to try to do a weekend update from now on. I'm going not going to promise that I'll do it every weekend, because I know myself, but I'm seriously going to try.
So here goes.
On Saturday, Clint got up at 5:00 in the morning to go with the youth to do baptisms, then I got up around 8:00 and we ate breakfast and cleaned the house and did some laundry before Clint and I had to go to the pioneer trek kick-off. We were asked to be Ma's and Pa's for the Youth Conference pioneer trek in April. We had a good time and the youth are awesome, we are going to have fun on the trek. (I'm breaking in my new hiking boots.) Anyway, then we came home and I took the babysitters to their presidency meeting, then I came back to finish cleaning the house and laundry. While I was working on it, Dallin came in from outside and told me that Clint needed my help. I went out to see what he needed. He was trying to get part of the exhaust pipe off of the catylic converter to see if it were clogged. We worked on that thing for atleast an hour, maybe longer, I didn't really keep track. Well it was finally starting to wiggle a little and so with me pulling down on it and Clint prying it out, it finally flew off right into my forehead. My head slammed onto the pavement. I sat up shook it off and declared that I was O.k. then Clint looked at it and declared that I was bleeding. So we went into the house and started to wash it out and after seeing it in the mirror, decided it was worth the trip to the emergency room. So we loaded up the kids and made our way to the hospital. When we walked in, the receptionist took one look at me and handed me a paper to fill out and told me a nurse would be with me shortly. We weren't there very long. They got me in right away and after five stitches and a tetnus shot. I was on my way home. (Right after dinner at Cici's pizza). Yum! Then we went home and Clint and I got ready, the babysitters came, and we went to chapparone the youth dance. It was quite a memorable weekend. Today, Sunday, we went to church and now we're just hanging out with each other and now I've got to go make dinner for this hungry crew.


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JordoBaggins said...

Ouch Britta, I would've been crying for hours. I always scares me when I hit my head, specially if blood is coming out.
I'm glad you're okay now.

Joyce said...

Oh Britta! You are tough. Post a picture so we can see your new Frankenstein look! :)