Sunday, March 22, 2009

Another weekend gone

This was quite an eventful weekend. On Saturday we woke up, made the waffles I had promised my kids for a while. Then, at about 9:00 I took Dallin and Calvin to their Cub scout day camp. Then came home and got the girls ready and the rest of us went shopping. We went to Sears first to get some new sheets that were on sale and Clint got a tool that was, of course, on sale also. Then we went to Sportsmans warehouse to see what they had on clearance since their stores are closing. We got a really nice tent for a really great price. Then, grabbed a quick bite to eat through the drive thru at Taco Bell on the way to Uncle Anthony's graduation from La Corton Bleu cooking school. It was a good ceremony and I'm sure Anthony's glad to be done with school. He's still going to work at the Olive Garden until he finds a better opportunity. We are all very proud of him. Then, after the graduation, Clint, the girls, and I went to get the boys from their friends house who took them home from day camp. Then went home long enough for the boys to change their clothes, then went to dinner at with Anthony, Danielle, James, Anthony's parents, and of couple of friends of Anthony and Danielle. We all had a great time.Sorry this picture is's Elsa and Anthony's dad having a chopsticks dual...Elsa had fun with everyone this weekendEveryone had fun with those chopsticks...until it was time to eat with themJames and Abby were the best of buds the whole weekend Anthony's parents and Aunt Stephi enjoying themselves
with good company and YUMMY food!The graduate himself and Aunt Danielle,
Eve, Danielle's friend, James and AbbyClint even was having a good timeAbby, sharing her binoculars....Isn't sharing fun Abby!?I tried to get a good picture of Calvin...
and he always hid before the camera took the pictureAbby and James playing on the
fire hydrant outside of the restaurant

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OurLittleFamily said...

Thanks for posting those pics! It was a great weekend. I know that we loved seeing all of you. We sure miss you all. I am glad James could play with the cousins. If you can email me the other pics you have, that would be the ones of James and Abby holding hands! Did the stiches come out yet? Hope it healed great.