Sunday, August 23, 2009


Well, with tomorrow being the first day of school, I thought I would write a little update on all of the kids to record how they are doing, so I will remember this time forever. They have been really cute and just GOOD lately. When I say good I mean it. Over these past 2 weeks of summer break that they've had, they have been doing so well on their chores and behaving really well.
I think I'll start with Dallin....
He will not be starting school tomorrow. He'll be starting school next Monday, the 31st. He is going to go to Nevada Connections Academy. Dallin is very bright with a different learning style than other kids. His learning style is that he LOVES to learn and if he's not learning something new all the time he easily gets bored. Public school wasn't working out for him, so we took him out and we're going try this other school. It is all online and he can move ahead when HE'S ready. Other than that Dallin has been a pretty well behaved little kid. He does his chores the first time he's asked or not asked at all. (On saturday he and Calvin both got up and did their chores right away so they could watch saturday morning cartoons.) I was shocked and VERY happy.
Next, Calvin has also been a good kid. He is going into the third grade (can you believe it?) and is very excited about it. We went to their open house to meet their teachers and see their classrooms. We found out from his teacher that their first field trip will be at the end of October and they're going to The Springs Preserve. Calvin's loves the Springs Preserve and is pretty excited about that. Also as he walked around his classroom he saw that his friend, Colin is in his class. He was really excited about that because the last class he was in with Colin was Kindergarten and
1st grade. They're pretty good little friends. Of course it doesn't matter if Calvin has people that he knows in his class or not because wherever he goes he makes friends with any and everyone. (Calvin has yet to meet a stranger.) He is our social bug.
Elsa is sooo excited for 1st grade. She also got to go and see her classroom and meet her teacher. She seems like a very nice person and seems like she'll be good for Elsa. Elsa has also been good about doing her chores, except when it comes to doing the family room. (Heck, even I drag my feet a little when I have to clean that room.) We all live in that room so you can imagine how messy it gets. But with some encouragement and a little bribing to go to the park or library or something, she finally gets it done.

Abby is looking forward to having preschool at home with Mom, and having Dallin at home to play with. (After he gets his school work done, of course.) She is still banned from scissors or anything of that nature, and I constantly have to be "on the ball" and know where she is and what she's doing every minute. She is such a sweet and funny little girl however. Just tonight we were showing off our skills with the hula hoop and she would try to jump through the hoop when I rolled it along past her. She also loves to play dress ups and would actually love it if she could wear them all the time. (To church, the school, the store, etc.....I gotta draw the line somewhere.) She is so cute and I wouldn't trade her for anything.....somedays. O.K. O.K. I wouldn't trade her at all.
On Saturday, we had a good time school shopping, we went to Kmart for most of it, then to Target to look for shoes for Elsa, apparently she's been a size 13 for a while and she never complained that her feet hurt or were squished or anything in her size 11's. We got some things for the school kids lunches and stuff like that(not shoes because there wasn't any in her size that she liked, then we went to Payless shoes and bought her a cute pair of white sunday shoes (cause that's all she needed, she already had tennis shoes that I had been saving for her to grow into.) Anyway, then we ate lunch at Target, (what a mad house that was) there were only 2 people working the counter and it was super busy. After Payless,(sorry I back tracked a little), Clint took me to JoAnn's and waited in the car with the kids so I could get stuff to make a lunch bag for Elsa. (Which looks cute by the way) I'm going to post it on my other blog if you'd like to see how it turned out you can go to brittasboutique and see it. Anyway, while I was in JoAnn's I saw that they had their denim on sale for 50% off. So, naturally I had to get a couple yards of it and their Heidi Grace fabric was 40% off, so I got a couple yards of that to make Elsa some cute clothes. I can't wait to get started on that project. Well, when I finally came out of JoAnn's, I was surprised to see that Clint was still in a good mood and the kids hadn't killed each other. Wow! What a great day! Then, Clint dropped us off at home, and he went to get two new tires for the Tahoe, (we're getting two more in the next couple of weeks) then we ended the day with taking the missionaries to eat at the Temple cafeteria, (we forgot that we signed up to feed them), then Clint and I did a session. It was a great day and we still love each other very much.


Jill said...

I made Katy's school bag this year. I will definitely be watching for the luch bag post!

OurLittleFamily said...

I love the update! Sounds like you were super busy Saturday. I hope school goes well this week for Calvin & Elsa. Good luck Dallin on starting your new school. Abby...I am guessing mom will only have supervised play with scissor projects at preschool.

Miss you all!