Monday, August 17, 2009

Families ARE forever.....and I feel so happy about it

This years Anderson Reunion was really fun. Aunt Merrillyn's family was in charge. They had all kinds of things for the kids to do. We got there just in time for lunch, which was delicious. Then we played all sorts of games. The kids thoroughly enjoyed the fish pond, the wading pool of wood chips where they dug through it trying to find toys, and money. And the pinada was really fun to watch all the kids try to break it. Also I know my kids enjoyed decorating their own bag for all their loot and their hat, and I think Clint liked helping them. Then as it was wrapping up I had fun watching them play on the playground with all of their cousins.
It was no wonder that Elsa and Abby crashed on the way to Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Andersons house to visit them and give Papa his birthday present after the reunion was over. To see the movies of Papa and Grandma enjoying Papa's present you can go to our other blog if you want.Papa's gift
My favorite pictures out of these is the one of Calvin jumping off of the baby toy to try to dodge the camera. Gotcha Calvin!
Love the hair Abby. I mean cause it's staticy.
After the reunion, just our family went to Salt Lake City to the Craft City Fair, where we met Hannah and Sarah who were manning Cedric's booth while he was playing a gig at a wedding. Anyway, we saw all sorts of things that other people made and were selling. There was some really cute and clever stuff and then there was just plain weird stuff. Like I said, my brother, Cedric and his wife, Sarah had a booth to sell his watercolor drawings. They are amazing and so clever. You can go here if you would like to see some of his stuff. (you will be amazed.) Anyway, then we took the kids to Temple square for their first time. (well that they remember). We went for conference when Dallin was just 6 months old, and then again when Elsa was 3 months old. So really it was like they were seeing it for the first time. Since we got there late, they were just about to close the tabernacle for the evening so we couldn't hear the pin drop. Another time perhaps. We got some good pictures though even though it was dark. It helps to have photogenic kids and a good camera. So enjoy the pictures....

This one was one Elsa took of the boys and Clint and I in front of Joseph, then we got one in front of Hyrum because the boys middle names are the same as Joseph's and Hyrum's first names. Unfortunately, Elsa still has much to learn about getting the whole picture. ;)
Elsa took this one too. Hey, she's getting better!
This one is Hyrum or maybe Joseph. I don't know. Oh well, at least she got us in the picture.
Elsa took this one too. Wow! She's good!

Clint took this one. I like it, even though it is dark. It looks pretty day or night. Wouldn't you agree.


Cedric Anderson said...

I wish I could have stayed longer at the reunion. I miss you guys!

OurLittleFamily said...

How fun! I am glad you got such great pictures. You all look great. We can't wait to see you in December. We miss you all soooo much. I like that picture Clint took of the SLC temple. Beautiful.