Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas at Bass Pro Shops

Last weekend we went to the Bass Pro Shop so that the kids could see Santa Claus and do some of the activities that they had. We got a good surprise when we got there, because not only was Santa there, but his wife was too. It's pretty rare that any kid sees her, right? :) While we waited to see him the kids did all sorts of activities. The boys were more into fishing with the Wii, shooting the red ryder b.b. guns, virtual hunting games, and the R.C. cars. The girls liked writing letters to the big guy himself, playing checkers on the enormous checkerboard (until a kid came up to us and sort butted his way into playing) he kept saying, "On your next turn, I'm gonna play, o.k.?" I finally just let him play altogether. (Elsa was fine with it.) Then the girls had fun making candy cane reindeers, and they also liked the R.C. cars, and the shooting gallery.
Here are some pictures..... Elsa was smiling because she was beating me!The only reason Calvin was shooting the pink gun was because it was open!The girls love to ride 4 wheelersShe was sad because she didn't know how to hold the gun.She got the hang of it and did great!
She's a regular Annie Oakley!

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