Friday, December 11, 2009

Snow flakes in the house?

Today, my kids and I decided to make our own snowflakes, since it probably won't snow again this year like it did last year. Of course we're not giving up hope. We're just trying to get in the Christmas spirit. (Not that we need help to get in it.) We love Christmas around here.
Abby and Elsa had fun making them. Abby felt a little frustrated at first when she would open hers up and it fell apart, but she got better as she went. Elsa loved making different ones, and she made some pretty cool ones. Dallin even made a couple. I made a couple, then really got into it and made everyone's initials in different snowflakes. See if you can see them. (D for Dallin, C for Calvin, E for Elsa and A for Abby.) This was a fun, spur of the moment activity and now we have snowflakes up in our dining room to help us stay in the Christmas spirit.

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Cedric Anderson said...

Cool snowflakes... you can have some of our real Utah snow if you want it. We've got plenty.