Saturday, May 01, 2010

What a trip it was....

Last week, on thursday, we took a trip to Utah for a couple of reasons.
1. To witness Uncle Cedric graduate from B.Y.U.It was a wonderful celebration and we are all very proud of him and want to wish him good luck as he ventures into his next stage of life; law school.We also came to see Cedric and Sarah's little son, our new little nephew and cousin, Baxter, who was fortunate enough to be born on Elsa's birthday. We were able to be there on Sunday for his blessing. What a cute babe! Congrats again to Cedric for marrying a wonderful gal and having a beautiful family.
As for reason #2:We came so that Clint could look for jobs. He was able to get some resumes passed out and we'll see what happens with that. We're keeping are fingers crossed.Another thing that happened while we were there was Micah's birthday. They had a dinner at 8 p.m. (after the kids bedtime), and it was fun visiting with everyone there. Unfortunately I did not take any pictures. We got to see their new home and it was awesome. Here are some pictures that I did get....These were the cousins enjoying each others company. Scout and Nigel enjoyed the bike trailer/stroller, Scout's daddy took them for wild rides outside around the house. It wore out Cedric but the kids loved it. Dallin, Calvin, Elsa and Abby enjoyed Papa's jokes and stories. Scout, Laurel, Maisy and Abby enjoyed the chalkboard that Clint and I made for Hannah and Jeff's family. (Seriously, I think it took them 30 seconds to fill the board with scribbles, great fun.) Nigel (and all the other kids) enjoyed the great climbing tree in Jeff and Hannah's back yard. Baxter looked cute in the hat that I made for him. On Saturday, our family and Hannah and the twins, went to Salt Lake to see temple square, conference center, and the I am a Child of God exhibit in the church history museum. It was so fun and the weather couldn't have been better. We hung out with Hannah, Jeff and their family most of the time.
We also went to IKEA for the first time. I guess on Mondays IKEA has a lady come and do balloon animals and face painting for the kiddos. So of course, the kids got balloon animals. Oddly enough they didn't want their faces painted. Calvin and Dallin got dogs on leashesLaurel and Maisy got butterfly'sElsa and Abby both got a cat and mouse
All in all, it was a great little vacation for us and I think we ALL had a blast and can't wait for next time we get to go to Utah.


Hannah Stevenson said...

MAN you are fast! Loved your recap. That last picture is so cute...Laurel and Maisy miss Abby and Elsa the most.

It was so fun to have all of you here...hopefully the next time you come it will be permanent!

Camille said...

Seriously, we can only hope for a permanent visit :) It was so much fun to spend time with you while you were here and I loved watching Nigel love your children. It was totally the best.

PS I'm stealing your cousin pictures!