Sunday, May 02, 2010

Will she ever learn?

I'm totally convinced that Abby is gonna be a hair dresser when she grows up. I thought that the last time she did this she learned her lesson. We were in Utah visiting family this time. I was going into the bathroom when I was the bathroom door closing right in front of me. I hurried and grabbed the door and pulled it open, to find none other than Abby holding a pair of kid safety scissors and some hair laying on the floor, and her looking at me like "UH-OH! I'm caught." Well, this time since my hair cutting stuff was in Vegas, I decided to take her to get a professional cut. I must admit she does look cute, but I HOPE this is her last "fling" with the scissors. We gave her a little stacked A-line cut.


Cedric Anderson said...

Either hair dresser or butcher... she'll have a good career though.

kira said...

ha ha ha! that is awesome ... we haven't had that yet ... but we've had VERY close calls.

Devon and Alicia said...

LOL! Please never let this happen to me. I guess she really likes short hair. :)