Sunday, September 05, 2010


I just wanted to document some of Abby's cute words and sayings before she grows out of them.  She is in Kindergarten and will soon talk more "grown up".  So I just want to remember them.

*  When she gets frustrated with me, she says,
    "I'm getting so mad at you...uuuh!"
*  She says stuff like, "Brush mine hair",
    or "I need mine shoes",  etc.
    I try to correct her, but she still insisted on "mine".
*  One night her and I were looking at
    photos on the computer and she was
    playing a silly little game and was saying who
   were girls and who were boys and
   we came to a photo of Grandma
   and I asked her if she was a girl.
   She said, "She's not a girl, she's a grandma." 
* "Run for your life"
* "Yeah, yeah whatever" 
* When someone passes gas or someone doesn't and she thinks they do, she says,
   "What is that smell?"and "GET OUT!"   O.k. so maybe that one is funnier to us.
* She insists that Calvin is her big brother and Dallin is Elsa's.  Whenever she is being
difficult, such as standing in the way of the t.v. or something, Calvin says, "Abby, if you love me then get out of the way."  She will quickly get out of the way.  She'll do anything for Calvin.  Even I take advantage of that one.
* I also love the way she eats.  She will try anything and after having 2 VERY picky eaters, she is very appreciated.
* Also everything is "ducky".  Not in a good way either.  You and I think that ducky means just fine, right?
not to Abby.  To her "ducky" means...well, yucky.  So her shoes are ducky, her underwear is ducky, hair bows or clips are ducky, yeah a lot of things are "ducky".  That's one that is more frustrating than funny at times, but something that's worth remembering. 

She is quite the little character and we're so glad she came to our home.  We are so lucky to have her!


JordoBaggins said...

She is a cute little girl, and it would be hard not to take advantage of the relationship she has with Calvin.
I kind of figured that that was you and not Elsa that commented on our blog.

Hi, I'm Hannah. said...

She is so funny! I've really enjoyed getting to know her while we talk on the phone or skype. I love how much our girls love Abby. She is the coolest girl to them!

OurLittleFamily said...

Those are hilarious! I love her personality.