Saturday, October 02, 2010

Abby turns 5

Abby's birthday party was CRAZY! 
Alot of like this little movie from Disney.  I couldn't help but think of this movie the whole time.  It was crazy but fun.  Abby and her friends had fun and that's what matters, right?
She wanted a candy party, so I did a "Sugar n' Spice" theme and with the help of the internet I got some really good ideas for it.  Unfortunately I didn't get pictures of the party before the kids arrived.  I actually was still putting out things while they were arriving.  We got our hotdog cooker out and served hotdogs, popped popcorn, had a lollipop garden (the ants enjoyed that one), put up our bouncer, and then who can forget the candy buffet.  Of course, that was a BIG hit.  We had a good turn out of kids.  We invited 10 kids and 8 came.  Abby was super shy I couldn't even get her to say thank you as she opened her gifts, but she would look at the child whose gift she opened and smile at them, that seemed to be enough for that child.  When one of the little girls mom's came to get her, the girl said excitedly that Abby talked to her.   When it was time for the cake, the kids were super excited and I had to remind them that it was Abby's birthday and she was going to blow out the candles.  Everyone was VERY excited.  Oh yeah, and Dallin and Calvin were such great helpers during the party.  Calvin made sure everyone got a hotdog and popcorn and lemonade or water.  Dallin helped with the decorations and whatever else I needed.  And Clint came home from work just to mow the lawn's in the front and the back earlier in the day.  Then went back and had to miss the party.  We did save the family gifts for her to open when he came home.  He's such a great man isn't he?!  We love him!
Here are some pictures and video of this grand event...

This is the video of Abby opening her gifts from Grandma and Papa and the relatives in San Antonio gave.  It is a bit long so I understand if you don't want to watch.  It is a lot more mellow than the last one.


Hi, I'm Hannah. said... makes me tired just looking at all the work you did Britta! Seriously amazing! I think that party will go down in the history books for those kids for sure! Happy Birthday Abby! I can't believe it's been FIVE years!

OurLittleFamily said...

Her party turned out so cute! How fun...looks like she made out with some sweet gifts and all the kids looked liked they were having a blast. Wish we could have been there!