Saturday, March 12, 2011

Our trip to the Lonestar State

A couple of weeks ago, we made the trip (by car) to Wichita Falls, Texas.  Clint's brother and family just moved there from Sparks, NV about 5 months ago.  We were going to go for our niece, Regan's baptism and thought it might be nice to do a double baptism and baptize Elsa as well.  It was a lot of fun and we loved seeing and being with all the Singers for that week.  (Except Aunt Lisa, we missed her.)  My dad came all the way from Sparks to attend and speak at the baptism.  It was so special that he made the trip and we are so very thankful for him.  It was also special that both Clint and his twin brother, Jake got to baptize their first daughters on the same day.  Elsa and Regan were very happy that day.  Poor Elsa was sick, so she was a little out of her element, but when her and I were in the dressing room right after she got baptized, I asked her how she felt and she said she felt good and clean.
Before they got baptized they had their pictures taken and Elsa did not smile in any of them.  She was not feeling well, so I guess I don't blame her.  Her dad got her to smile, however.  He has a way with her and Abby.  They love their dad!
The rest of the week she was feeling a lot better and had more fun.  Abby loved playing with Regan and they got along well.  Elsa was still a little bit shy with Regan and just kept to herself.  Maybe next time we see them again, hopefully soon, she will be more social and outgoing.
Some of the activities we did were;  rollerskating, which Elsa tried once and sat out the rest of the time after she and I had a big fall.  Abby was a little champ and kept trying.  Dallin was a champ too and kept trying.  Calvin went around once, only because I bribed him.  He didn't like it to say the least.  Clint had to miss out on that because the truck needed to be fixed and he tended to that.  A part went out on it and thanks to him he just happened to bring that same part (just in case).  When we were packing to go, I asked him if he wanted to bring that part as well as the other two boxes of tools.  He must have been guided by spirit because it was the same part that went out and would have cost us over $1000 to replace it.  Instead it only cost us $190.  He actually put the part in himself and then had to take it to the Ford dealership to get it reprogrammed.  Whew!  Thank goodness for a good husband who follows his instincts, (and the spirit) and who is handy with cars.  Gotta love that!  Here is some pictures....
 Here are the kids enjoying Jake and Jamie's scooter.  So much fun even I took a turn.  Well, someone had to take Abby for a ride, right?
 Here is Abby and Oliver (Regan and Connor's cousin) eating their lunch outside.
 Here is Connor, his neighbor friend (can't remember his name), James, and Abby playing 4 square.  What's quality cousin time without a game of 4 square?  
On Sunday, we decided to take our lunch to the park. The cousins had fun playing and running around and the adults had fun playing a little baseball as well as the cousins.
What's cousin time without a little video game time!
Here's Regan showing us her funny face
Cousin time!
Regan was doing great!
Here's Connor tearin' it up!
Abby wasn't too sure about this, but then as the day went on she did great.
This was Dallin before he tried.  He was happier when he tried and was doing pretty well at skating. I thought I got a picture of him skating.
Well, blogger is telling me that I'm out of space and asked if I want to purchase more.  Well, I am not going to do that so I will post pictures of the baptism in part 2.  


sarah said...

Skate on family:)

Hi, I'm Hannah. said...

OK how did Abby grow up since the last pictures you posted?! Seriously...she looks so much older! I love her little bob. Looks like fun!

Amy said...

great update and what a wonderful time you guys had! that is so neat that the cousins were able to baptized the same day!

OurLittleFamily said...

Looks like the party kept going strong after we left for home. Love the pictures outside! Cute! They have a great street/neighborhood to do that.

The skating looked fun!