Monday, August 22, 2011

Milestone for Abby

Abby lost her first tooth!  Can our baby really be starting to lose her teeth?  I mean didn't she just get them in?  O.k. o.k......I know it's been a few years since she got all her teeth in, but seriously can life just slow down a little.
She has been kind of wimpy about the whole tooth pulling thing.  She wouldn't let Clint or I even touch it, so after many times of trying to pin her down and pull it out, we let it come out on it's own.  Well, she was eating lunch one day last week and it came out in her sandwich and she swallowed it.  So she and Calvin wrote a note to the tooth fairy and she put under her pillow and the next day when she checked it she found her note still there....the tooth fairy must have been so busy that night collecting teeth that she(or he) didn't make it to our house.  At least that's what I told her.  So she put under her pillow the next night and the tooth fairy must've been REALLY busy because she/he didn't make it again, but while she was watching t.v. that morning the tooth fairy sneaked into her room and left a shiny quarter.  Abby was thrilled! 


Mom and Dad said...

You guys need to move to Reno area. The tooth fairy is very prompt here. That Las Vegas heat must make your tooth fairies lazy. Is that cute little mouth of Abby's ready for some big teeth? Hope so! We can't believe she is old enough for this either. Love, Grandma

Marianne said...

I'm glad the tooth fairy is sometimes late at your house too! I enjoy your blog!

OurLittleFamily said...

How cool! I bet she was excited when it finally came out.

Hope the Tooth Fairy is on time for her next tooth! :)