Thursday, July 28, 2011

Where has this month gone?

Do the months seem to be going by faster and faster for anyone else?  It seems to me that July just started, and now August is upon us.  Well, we've had quite the month.  With our family reunion, a piano recital, trying to stay cool yet not bored this summer, we've had some great times.
First was the Anderson family reunion.  It was quite the experience!  Let me just say that we ALL, the adults, learned valuable lessons with how to do our future reunions.  We still had a good time catching up on what we've all been up to, and seeing how much each others kids have grown since the last time we saw them.  Most of all, the cousins had a blast with each other and that is what made it ALL worth the effort.
Then, the next weekend, Calvin had his last piano recital.  The theme was "A night at the movies".  Calvin played two songs, "Trust in me" from Jungle Book and the theme from Inspector Gadget.  He did a great job and we are so proud of him.  His piano teacher announced that she was done teaching for the summer and if we wanted to continue with the lessons we'd have to call and put Calvin on the schedule for the fall.  Well, since the deal was that Calvin would only have to take for one year, he said he didn't want to take lessons anymore.  Hopefully he'll practice on his own, because he has a real talent for the piano.  Anyway, Elsa mentioned that she would like to take piano lessons, so we'll probably put her in his place.
The rest of the month, we have just hung out here in Vegas and tried staying cool by swimming every now and then.  Calvin is working on his Aquanaut pin for cub scouts.  I've been teaching him different strokes, floats and other techniques he needs to know.  So all he has to do is practice and perfect them.  Oh yeah, on Tuesday of this week Calvin received his Webelos badge, compass point badge and a few achievement pins.  He's been really working hard both at den meetings and at home.  We are so proud of him!
Also, Dallin left to go to scout camp for his first time.  He was so excited to go and it wasn't as hard to let him go as others said it would be.  I know he's in good hands and is having the time of his life!  Hopefully he's taking a lot of pictures.  He sent him with a camera, a water proof one, so if he is taking pictures their probably underwater. Hahaha!
Well, here is a bunch of pictures of our happenings in July...............
The LOVED the little "water park" that we set up for them!

They also enjoyed the pirate treasure hunt that Uncle Micah set up for them too (with the help of the Uncles).
Of course they LOVED setting off fireworks!
 Check out the cool spect's Abby got from the treasure box!
 ...ooooo!  They glow in the dark!
 I don't know who this guy is...just some homeless fella who kept comin' around.
Love ya Uncle Ceddy!
I love this picture!
 Elsa and her buddy!
 Grandpa playing with Massey and Rebeca
 This is what we, girls did on the 4th while Grandpa, Uncle Clint and Uncle Jeff went to get and set up the flag pole.

 This is what the boys did!
Here's the Men putting up the flag pole.
This little movie is of the kids opening their loot.


OurLittleFamily said...

Looks like your July has been busy. I bet Dallin is having a good time at Scout Camp. Hopefully Calvin keeps up with the piano. All of us siblings took lessons, and I am the only one who still plays because I took lessons the longest. Maybe he will change his mind and still want lessons.

JordoBaggins said...

Good post Britta! I'll just assume that any comment about learning from this last reunion has to do with me, Micah and the treasure hunt, rightly so. It was tons of fun, though, especially the bouncy-house water-slide you guys brought! It was great on those hot days.
Way to go, Bertha Major!