Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Elsa turns 9

Yes, yes.  Elsa has been nine for a little over a month now.  I haven't been too good about keeping this blog up to date, but I plan (like always) to be better.  Anyway, at the beginning of February Elsa turned nine.  We decided to do a small family celebration this year, contrary to what she wanted, but we ran out of time to do a party and, frankly, sometimes it's just nice to have a family party.  I think Elsa had a great birthday and enjoyed her day.  She went to school that day and had lunch with her teacher, which is always fun for her.  Then, she came home to the house decorated in all sorts of "Happy Birthday" banners, crete paper and balloons.  I went through our party favors from past birthdays and used everything.  It was fun.
 She wanted cupcakes with Kit Kittredge on them saying, "Happy Birthday Elsa."

 Elsa in her Mickey party hat.....Dallin had a Mickey birthday when he turned five, I think.  
That seems like yesterday. 
 Monster Inc......from Dallin's third birthday

 Mickey Mouse banner
 Abby wearing the party hat from Elsa's first birthday party.  THAT seems like yesterday.
 The hat Elsa got in school....What a cutie.

 Elsa chose chicken nuggets, and mac n' cheese for dinner.
 Her party guest.
 Elsa LOVES Cheez it's!
 She also loves ICarly and High School Musical...
p.s. she already got through the H.S. musical game.
 I got a video of her reading the card from Grandma and Papa, maybe I'll put it on so you all can hear her cute voice.
 She loved her little craft kit.  Thanks Grandma and Papa!
 ....and her new shirt!
 Fun games!

 And of course Barbie's.  She and Abby love them!
 Thanks Aunt Lisa!  She LOVES her lego friends and little bracelets/kitty's.
 And of course, her cake all lit up!
Happy Birthday Elsa! 
Have a good year being nine!


Camille said...

Happy late birthday Elsa! One of these years I will be on the ball with recognizing birthdays on time. It looks like it was super fun!

Olivia Cobian said...

What a cute girl! It looks like she was well-celebrated!

Olivia Cobian said...

What a beautiful 9-year-old! It looks like she was very well-celebrated!