Sunday, March 04, 2012

Where has January gone?!

 Seriously!  What happened to January.  It seems like it just began and now February is halfway over.  (Obviously, it's March now, yeah just getting to posting this).  Well we had a good month.  The kids went back to school after Christmas break and then had a couple 3 day weekends.  One for M.L.K. day and then one for a Staff development day.  On M.L.K. day the kids and I went to the Springs Preserve to see some of the new things they have put in.  Plus we have season passes that we needed to put to use.  We had fun.  Then on the next Monday,  the weather was finally acting like winter weather (for Vegas) and the wind was blowing and it was pretty cold, but we decided to go play tennis anyway.  I didn't take any pictures though. Although we were cold, we had fun.  Then on a Saturday, sometime in January, we went down to the church and played some b-ball.  The kids wanted to go to the park and play baseball, but it was too cold.  Here are some pictures....
This Elsa shooting the basket and sinking it in two times in a row, then Dallin got a couple in and Abby never gave up.

Elsa's game that she made up. 
Elsa telling us how to play her game.
Abby playing Elsa's game.

Elsa trying to make a basket....she finally did!.....a few times.

The kids trying out their new Twister game.
 Random picture of Abby helping me cook dinner.
 Our FHE treats.....I don't do frosting as you can tell.  But they were yummy! (Cream cheese)

Have one!

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