Friday, April 27, 2012

Dallin's a Teenager!

 Does he look like a Teen?
13 things we love about you, Dallin:  
1.  Your sense of humor.
2.  You take your Priesthood responsibilities seriously.
3.  You're a great babysitter.
4.  You like to go camping.
5.  You are capable of learning.
6.  You brush your teeth.(Now brush your hair).
7.  You actually listen to us.(sometimes)
8.  You love to participate in Scouting.
9.  You are a good big brother.
10.  You set an example.
11.  You don't snore.
12.  You work hard in school.
13.  You're still shorter than both your parents.
 He loves his new watch!
 He wanted either a skateboard or a Zelda Wii game.  We opted for the toy to get him outside and some exercise.  He was very happy!
He is good.  This was one of his first ollies.
He wanted a 4 layer black out cake and it was delicious...a little rich, but yummy!

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sarah said...

Happy Birthday!