Thursday, April 26, 2012

Where do I start?

Well, I'm behind yet again.  So I'll start by telling about when Abby's 1st grade class teamed up with another 1st grade class and performed at the flag ceremony at her school.  They sang a song about Spring and as you can see from the picture, she was a cute little daisy.  Enjoy the video.  She was in the back so you can't see her, well you can kind of see her flower petals.
 Anyway, then that night was the school's spring carnival to kick off Spring Break. 
 Here's Elsa trying her luck with Plinko.
 Here's Abby tossing the t.p. in the toilet.  Sounds weird I know, but the kids love it.
 Here's Abby again trying to catapult a "snake in the boot".  The theme of the carnival was a cowboy theme.
 I don't know who this guy is, but he gave us a good laugh. :)
"Crazy ol' Calvin...he's always good for a laugh." haha!
 Here's Abby with her winnings or at least some of them.
...and Elsa with hers.
 Then, here are the boys and their friends having a nerf gun war. 
On a different day.
Here is Dallin as Iron Man.  Proof that you're never too old to dress up.  :)
Looks like he got shot....1...2...3 times.  ooooo! Sorry Dal!  :)
Look out behind comes Calvin!

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